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Faction-Allied Monsters
In order to provide more interaction with the faction system and the surrounding environments within Britannia, a variety of monsters in the Felucca lands will gain factional properties. These factional properties will cause the monsters to be non-aggressive towards players of the same faction, and have a faction credit value to players of opposing factions.
  • Faction monsters only spawn on the Felucca facet. Daemons, wisps, ogre lords and silver serpents will spawn as normal on both facets. They will appear normal and function as they have before to those players not in factions. However on the Felucca facet, the monsters associated with factions will appear and behave somewhat different only to faction members. Faction associated monsters will highlight orange (using the cursor) to opposing faction members and be aggressive. They will highlight blue and be non-aggressive to members within their associated faction.

    Example: Ogre Lords will highlight orange and be aggressive to the Shadowlords faction, while appearing as blue and be non-aggressive to the Minax faction.

  • Aggression toward a friendly monster will cause the monster to attack the aggressor.
  • Enemy faction-allied monsters provide silver to their killer.
  • Minax: Ogre Lords
  • Council of Mages: Wisps
  • True Britannian: Silver Serpents
  • Shadowlords: Daemons

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