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Faction-Controlled Towns
There are 8 cities that can fall under the control of a faction. Each of these cities has a townstone placed within the city limits. These townstones have a variety of uses (described later in this section) for the faction that controls the city. In addition, there are eight town pedestals upon which the "town sigil" (described later, used for capturing a city) for that particular city rests. The towns that contain the townstones, town pedestals, and the respective town sigil are listed below:
  • Britain (located south of the mage shop on the east side of Britain)
  • Skara Brae (located north of the provisioner's shop)
  • Magincia (located southwest of the tavern)
  • Vesper (located west of the docks)
  • Minoc (located south of the tavern)
  • Moonglow (located east of the provisioner's shop)
  • Trinsic (located east of the meeting hall)
  • Yew (located west of the healer)
One of the most important sources of context within the faction conflict lies within the ability of factions to conquer cities. There are eight cities that can be conquered and subjected to the control of a faction. The conquest of a city serves as the foundation for many of the other features of the faction system and can be done as described below.
  • Each of the above towns has a town pedestal.
  • Each town has an associated town sigil (created on a town pedestal).
  • A faction member with a stealing skill of at least 80 may steal the town sigil. The sigil must be transported to a stronghold tile within 30 minutes (otherwise it returns to its home pedestal location).
  • The sigil may be corrupted at a faction stronghold by placing it on that faction's stronghold tile. The sigil must remain on that stronghold tile for at least 10 hours. There is a grace period of 15 minutes, during which if the sigil is moved from the tile, it may be restored to the stronghold tile without restarting its corruption time.
  • After being corrupted, the sigil must be returned to its town pedestal in order to capture the town. The faction has one hour to return the sigil to a town, or it returns to its last stronghold tile location (still corrupted). The sigil will remain on the last stronghold tile or town pedestal until the steal/move process is performed on it again, at which time the player or players moving the sigil have the required times to achieve their objectives or the sigil will return automatically to the stronghold tile or pedestal where it was last located.
  • A faction controlled town falls under the control of the faction for a minimum period of three days.
  • After a town becomes subject to re-conquest, other factions may steal the sigil and attempt to corrupt it.
If a sigil is corrupted and stolen from the stronghold by an opposing faction, they can take it to their base to restart the corruption process. If they fail to deliver it within 20 minutes, it will teleport back to the stronghold from which it was stolen. A sigil's home location is always defined as the last stronghold or town tile it was placed on.

Each of the eight towns that can be captured by a faction is represented by a "Town Sigil". The town sigil can be stolen by a faction player using the stealing skill. This sigil can then be returned to the faction's stronghold in order to be corrupted. After a successful corruption period of 10 hours, the sigil will become "corrupt" by the faction holding it. The faction can then return the corrupted sigil to its respective town and place it onto the town pedestal. At the point of return, the town falls under the control of the faction which corrupted the sigil. If the corrupted sigil is not returned to the town pedestal within one hour, it will return to the last stronghold tile that it was placed upon.

The town sigil operates under the conditions listed below:

  • A player must have at least 80 stealing skill to "steal" a sigil from its town pedestal or a stronghold tile.
  • The stealing player must be in a faction.
  • A sigil is "dropped" or "given" by double-clicking the sigil, then targeting. A sigil cannot be "moved" by the normal means of dragging an item.
  • A player with a town sigil is hued purple, as well as all equipped items on that player.
  • A player with a town sigil cannot:
    • Teleport
    • Gate
    • Recall
    • Cast Polymorph
    • Cast Incognito
    • Use a disguise kit
    • Use a moonstone
    • Place sigil in a container on the ground
    • "Give" the sigil to an enemy Faction player
    • "Give" the sigil to someone not in his own Faction
  • If a player with a town sigil logs out or their character for any reason leaves Ultima Online, the sigil returns to its home location.

Once a faction has successfully placed a corrupted sigil onto the town pedestal, then that faction will control that town for a specified but variable amount of time (described further below). Faction members can operate within special designations, through an internal election process within their faction.

The following NPC shopkeepers are available for purchase for use in the faction-controlled town:

Shopkeeper Type Cost Maximum Available
Reagent Vendor 5000 credits 10
Ore Vendor 3000 credits 10
Wood Vendor 3000 credits 10
Stablemaster 5000 credits 1

Note: War horses have additional amounts of strength and stamina.

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