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Faction Office
Faction players are eligible for public office within their faction. The three eligible offices are: the office of Faction Commander, Town Sheriff, and Town Finance Minister. As implied, a Town Sheriff and Town Finance Minister can exist for each town under a faction's control. While the office of Faction Commander is attained through an election process (described below), the offices of Town Sheriff and Finance Minister are attained through appointment from the Faction Commander. There is only one Faction Commander per faction, and only one Town Sheriff and one Finance Minister per faction-occupied town.

Faction Commanders are elected to their position by the members of the faction itself. Only a faction member with a rank of 6 through 10 or who is currently Faction Commander is elegible to be elected a Faction Commander (please refer to the section "Faction Scoring and Points" for more information about ranks). The normal election cycles will be 9 days. They will consist of three sub-cycles termed "Election pending," "Campaigning," and "Open voting." Each of these election cycles can last from one to five days.

Election Pending
The election pending phase lasts five days and during this phase players cannot run for office or vote for candidates.

This phase lasts one day and is the phase where players choose to run for office. Players must be of faction rank 6 or higher to run for office. Only one character per account may choose to run. Up to ten candidate slots are filled on a first come, first served basis. Players that quit factions before this phase ends are removed from the election list immediately. If there are no candidates on the list at the end of this phase, the Campaigning phase repeats for an additional day. If there is only one candidate, the voting phase is skipped and that one candidate wins by default.

Voting Phase
This phase lasts for 3 days. Members of the faction can cast one vote for one candidate on the list. Only one character per account can cast a vote. A vote cannot be changed. Each candidate's name and current vote total are displayed to every faction member. If there are ties in the voting, the candidate first on the list wins. It certainly pays to start your campaigning at the earliest possible moment.

Faction Commander Abilities:
  • The Faction Commander is able to appoint or remove the sheriff and finance minister for each town that a faction controls. The commander accesses these functions by using the appropriate townstone within the controlled town.
  • The Faction Commander determines the degree of faction "tithes". The tithing rate can be set anywhere from 0 to 100% in increments of 10%. The commander accesses this function by using the faction stone. The purpose of this tithing is described in the section titled "Faction Scoring and Points".
  • The Faction Commander determines the disbursement of the faction's treasury to cities under the control of the faction. The disbursement of these credits is further described in the section titled "Faction Scoring and Points".
  • With a limit of once every hour, a Faction Commander may send two speech messages to all online players within a faction, by speaking the words "message faction".
  • Once every hour the commander may send a global message to all online faction members in his faction. This is done by saying "message faction" - a prompt will appear asking them what they want to send as a message. The commander types in the text and hits enter - it is sent to all online faction mates.
Each town under the control of a faction may have one sheriff appointed to it. The conditions of Sheriff appointment and function are:
  • The Faction Commander may access the townstone of a captured city in order to hire the sheriff (described above).
  • The commander may not select him/herself to be a Sheriff.
  • The commander must select a player from within the same faction to be a Sheriff.
  • The town sheriff is able to perform his official duties by speaking out loud, "I am sheriff"
The Sheriff abilities are as follows:
  • Sheriffs may hire "Faction Guards".
  • The Sheriff may control the amount of faction guards in operation, their cost, the maximum allowed, and how they function. Note that a faction guard does not have the same strengths and abilities as a regular town guard. They are able to be overcome by players, and their strengths will be comparable to some of the monsters that roam the lands. To command a faction guard, the Sheriff needs to say "Orders", followed by the command. The commands available are: Follow, Patrol, Attack [faction], Ignore [faction], Warn [faction].
    • For example, if the Sheriff of a Minax-owned town wanted one of his faction guards to attack anyone in the True Britannian faction, they would say: Orders attack True Britannian.
  • A Faction Sheriff may also view the finances in the town treasury. This allows for them to plan for the distribution and expenditure of the credits available. The Faction Sheriff and Faction Finance Minister both are able to allocate this town treasury for the various faction activities.
Each faction may purchase 4 different guard types:
  • 2 generic types (Henchman, Mercenary)
  • 2 specific types (described below)
A maximum of 10 of each guard type may be in service at a time in one city.

The chart below shows the different types of faction guards and their cost in credits (also known as "silver"). Credits are described earlier in the section "Faction Scoring and Points".

Minax Council of Mages True Britannians Shadowlords Cost
Henchman Henchman Henchman Henchman 5,000 credits
Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary 6,000 credits
Berserker Sorcerer Knight Death Knight 7,000 credits
Dragoon Wizard Paladin Necromancer 8,000 credits

Each town under the control of a faction may have one Finance Minister appointed to it. The Faction Finance Minister is appointed by the Faction Commander. The Finance Minister appointment process works as follows:
  • The Faction Commander may access the townstone of a captured city in order to hire the Finance Minister.
  • The Commander may not select him/herself to be a Finance Minister.
  • The Commander must select a player from within the same faction to be a Finance Minister.
  • The Finance Minister is able to access the town finance options by speaking out loud "I wish to access the city treasury".
The Finance Minister's functions and abilities are as follows:
  • The Finance Minister may view the city treasury, purchase faction shopkeepers, or set the town's taxation rate. The taxation rate can be set from 1/3 normal price to 3x normal price in increments of thirds.
  • In a town that has a taxation rate other than 0 (normal price), the NPC vendor prices will reflect the increased or decreased prices.
  • In addition to setting the taxation rate of the NPC vendors, the Finance Minister is able to purchase additional NPC vendors for the town. These vendors include Horse Breeders (who sell "war horses"), reagent vendors, ore vendors, and lumber vendors.
A faction may only change shop prices once every 12 hours of real time. If a city is taken by a faction, that 12-hour wait will reset itself.

Quitting Factions while in Office
If you hold an office and then choose to quit factions, you will automatically be removed from the position.

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