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Siege Perilous
Siege Perilous Prepare yourselves brave travelers, for Siege Perilous truly will test your skills as a player. Aggressors who chose to alienate themselves from their fellow adventurers will find quickly it is a struggle to simply survive. Only those who can master the arts of teamwork, communication and trade, as well as combat, will prosper in this challenging world.

The true path to success on Siege Perilous is through making allies. As one cannot possibly have all of the skills necessary to obtain every resource essential to survival, setting up trade agreements with other players will often offer the best chance of prosperity. Those who shoot first and ask questions later could quickly find themselves alone and lacking in supplies.

Be sure to read all of the changes located in the Siege Perilous section to familiarize yourself with this challenging world before creating your character. Future changes to Siege Perilous will be updated here.

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