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The shopkeepers on Siege Perilous hoard their gold greedily and will not buy items from players. They are, however, more than happy to sell their wares.

NPCs will not have any gold in their backpacks and therefore, you will not be able to steal from them or kill them to get their gold.

Townspeople requesting escort will not travel with someone who is already escorting another, you may only have one escort at a time. As with all NPCs, they will not have any items on their persons either and the only way they will part with their gold is if you actually bring them to their desired location. You must also wait 15 minutes between each escort.

Considering these differences and the ones noted under "Your Character", it would be very wise to befriend, rather than to attack, your local tradesmen. A skilled blacksmith, alchemist, tailor, or scribe can be a very powerful ally.

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