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In addition to the overall change in difficulty of skill increase, Siege Perilous also features changes to specific skills and items to create additional challenges.

  • Bards will find some monsters are provoked less easily since the skill "provocation" will now be difficulty-based. In addition to playing music, the use of provocation and peacekeeping, will wear your instrument down, requiring that you replace it from time to time.
  • In addition to musical instruments, fishing poles, herding crooks, scissors, axes used for lumberjacking, and other bladed objects will also wear down with use.
  • Fishermen will notice a decrease in the rate that they find SOS bottles and will not be able to fish up treasure maps at all.
  • Those seeking to gain treasure from chests are advised to have skill in "detect hidden" because all chests in dungeons, in the wilderness, and in towns will be trapped. Opening a chest without detecting the trap first could have deadly results.
  • Making leather armor will not require as much skill for Tailors as it does on other shards.
  • Wearing leather armor will not cause any penalties to Stealth or Meditation.
  • Rogues will find it a bit easier to sneak up on their marks as the chance to be automatically revealed when near player-characters while stealthed has been reduced to one tile.
  • Failing while tinkering will use resources. Also, when a tinker fails at making a trap, he will always take damage.
  • When using the Taste Identification skill, there is a chance that the item will be consumed.
  • The following skills will not unhide you when they are used: Snooping, Detect Hidden, Item Identification, Anatomy, Arms Lore, Animal Lore, Evaluate Intellect, Forensics Evaluation, and Poisoning.

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