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The Test Sosaria Shard
Over the years, players have often requested the return of a more persistent test center shard-one that would allow them to establish their characters and a community just like on the regular production shards, while being able to be one of the first to try out new features, improvements, and fixes. Test Sosaria was created for that reason. This shard combines some of the more common aspects of regular shards with an environment suitable for testing purposes. Since it's not like any of the other shards currently in existence, it's important to explain the differences you'll encounter when playing on this shard.

Character Creation and Starting Equipment

You'll be able to create up to five characters, like on any other shard; but unlike the normal test shards, you will not be able to set your stats and skills. Instead, you will find Advanced Character gates (similar to those used in our PowerUp! service) located in Britain (Counselor Guild) and Haven (Uzeraan's Mansion). Each gate will be designated to a specific profession template. For instance, if you wanted to play a Bard, you would walk through the appropriate gate and all your bard-related skills would receive a significant boost. However, these gates will not make you a Grandmaster in any skill, as skill advancement is an important aspect of game play to test when introducing new features and bug fixes. Each character can only use one gate, so once you walk through a gate, you will not be able to receive a skill/stat boost from any other gate with that character.

There are 12 different Advanced Character templates to choose from:

Template Skills Stats
  Alchemy - 85.0 Int - 110
Poisoning - 85.0 Dex - 55
Taste Id - 85.0 Str - 50
Carpentry - 70.0  
Tinkering - 70.0  
  Archery - 85.0 Int - 25
Anatomy - 85.0 Dex - 80
Tactics - 85.0 Str - 100
Healing - 70.0  
Resisting Spells - 70.0  
  Musicianship - 85.0 Int - 25
Peacemaking - 85.0 Dex - 80
Provocation - 85.0 Str - 100
Discordance - 70.0  
Resisting Spells - 70.0  
  Arms Lore - 85.0 Int - 25
Blacksmithy - 85.0 Dex - 90
Mining - 85.0 Str - 100
Tailoring - 70.0  
Tinkering - 70.0  
  Anatomy - 85.0 Int - 25
Fencing - 85.0 Dex - 80
Tactics - 85.0 Str - 110
Healing - 70.0  
Resisting Spells - 70.0  
  Anatomy - 85.0 Int - 25
Mace Fighting - 85.0 Dex - 80
Tactics - 85.0 Str - 110
Healing - 70.0  
Resisting Spells - 70.0  
  Evaluating Int - 85.0 Int - 110
Magery - 85.0 Dex - 35
Resisting Spells - 85.0 Str - 80
Inscription - 70.0  
Meditation - 70.0  
  Necromancy - 85.0 Int - 75
Resisting Spells - 85.0 Dex - 70
Spirit Speak - 85.0 Str - 80
Fencing - 70.0  
Meditation - 70.0  
  Chivalry - 85.0 Int - 55
Resisting Spells - 85.0 Dex - 85
Swordsmanship - 85.0 Str - 85
Tactics - 70.0  
Focus - 60.0 Karma - 10000
  Anatomy - 85.0 Int - 25
Swordsmanship - 85.0 Dex - 80
Tactics - 85.0 Str - 110
Healing - 70.0  
Resisting Spells - 70.0  
  Animal Lore - 85.0 Int - 80
Animal Taming - 85.0 Dex - 55
Veterinary - 85.0 Str - 80
Magery - 70.0  
Meditation - 70.0  
Treasure Hunter
  Cartography - 85.0 Int - 100
Lockpicking - 85.0 Dex - 25
Peacemaking - 85.0 Str - 100
Magery - 70.0  
Musicianship - 70.0  

When you connect to Test Sosaria with your new character, you will notice that the only items you start with are the same ones you start with on a normal shard. That means you won't find oodles of resources and gold in your bank box. Since Test Sosaria is supposed to closely simulate a live production shard, it's important to provide an environment that encourages players to work towards goals, like mining ore to create enough ingots for a suit of armor.

Houses and Veteran Rewards

Test Sosaria will be connected to its own test Housing and Veteran Rewards servers. You'll be able to place a house on this shard or choose Veteran Rewards without having to worry about it negatively affecting your account. In other words, a house you place on Test Sosaria will not affect a house you have placed on your normal shard. The same applies to Veteran Rewards choices.

However, it's important to note that any public Test Center that is running will more than likely be connected to the same test Housing and Veteran Rewards servers. So placing a house on another Test Center shard could condemn the house you already have on Test Sosaria, and selecting all your Test Veteran Rewards on a Test Center will mean that you can't choose additional rewards on Test Sosaria.

Development Team Involvement and Game Master Assistance

Since Test Sosaria will be used for testing new features, improvements, and bug fixes, you may run into a member of the UO Live Team while playing on the shard. While most of their time will be spent on investigating bugs and/or working on projects, they will occasionally be able to spend some time interacting with the community. All UO Live Team members will have "OSI" as part of their names, so if you run into one, feel free to engage them in conversation, but don't feel offended if they can't stay for milk and cookies.

Game Masters will only be available on this shard to assist with physical and verbal harassment issues. They will not be able to answer any game play questions or assist with matters that do not involve harassment from another player.

Maintenance Time and Periodic Resets

As with all regular production shards, Test Sosaria will be brought down every morning for brief maintenance. It'll follow the same maintenance schedule as the East Coast shards, which means that it'll go down at 5:00AM EST.

While Test Sosaria is considered to be a permanent shard, it will be subject to periodic resets. This means that all characters and items will be deleted from the server. However, these periodic resets will not be as frequent as those on normal test center shards. In fact, it's possible that the shard could stay up for three or four months without a reset. But all players that choose to play on this shard should be prepared for this to happen from time to time, sometimes without advanced notice.

Reporting Bugs

Any bugs that you may discover on a test shard should be reported to our Quality Assurance team by emailing [email protected]. Keep in mind that if you post a bug to the forums, it can easily be lost in a sea of other posts. To make sure these bug reports are seen and addressed, please send them directly to our QA team at the aforementioned email address. When submitting a bug, remember to include the following information:
  • Your UO account name (do not include your password)
  • The time, date, shard, and facet of the occurrence
  • What steps you took that led up to the bug
  • Whether or not you tried to repeat the bug, and if you succeeded
This information will help our QA team reproduce the bug and take the appropriate steps to correct it.

Last Updated: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 17:57:06 +0000
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