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Getting Started
What you'll need: seeds, plant bowls, water, and potions (Greater Heal, Greater Cure, Greater Poison, and Greater Strength).

You can either buy seeds from other players, or you can find them as loot on bog things and boglings.

Plant Bowls
You can purchase plant bowls from provisioners in town. Once you buy a plant bowl, you'll need to fill it with dirt. You can do this by double-clicking the plant bowl and then targeting a patch of dirt on the ground, or a pile of fertile dirt in your backpack (fertile dirt can be found as loot on various creatures, like earth elementals).

Water pitchers can be purchased from inn keepers in town, and can be refilled by double-clicking the pitcher and then targeting a source of water (i.e. a water trough).

The only place you can purchase 'greater' type potions is from other players who have Alchemist characters. If you don't have one yourself, search the areas around major towns for houses with player vendors. A lot of players will sell potions by the keg.

Putting It All Together

Once you have all the necessary materials, you'll need to properly moisten the dirt in your plant bowls. To do this, double-click on your water pitcher and target the plant bowl. For each bowl, you'll want to water it twice, until the message that appears when you single-click on the bowl reads: "a bowl of soft dirt."

Now you're ready to plant your seeds. Double-click on a seed and then target the bowl you wish to plant it in. At this point, there's not much else you need to do until the plant goes through its first growth cycle.

Growth Cycles

There are seven stages of growth a plant goes through before it changes from the bowl graphic to the actual image of the full grown plant.

A growth check is performed once a day on each of your plants. If they are locked down in your house, the growth check happens when the server comes back up from its morning maintenance. If they are in your backpack, the growth check occurs when you log in to the game. If it has been 23 hours since the last growth check, your plants will advance a stage based on their current health. Unhealthy plants will not grow until they are healthy again.

Plants will only grow if they are in your backpack, bank box, or if they're locked down in your house. They will not grow if they are placed in a locked down or secured container in your house, or if they're on a vendor.

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