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Some NPCs, called Nobles, or Seekers of Adventure, are in need of escorting to a town or dungeon. They will pay handsomely for your services and aid in helping them to reach their desired destination. Other NPC types that can be escorted include brides, grooms, and prisoners.


Prisoners are NPCs that can be found at monster spawn locations. Prisoners will call out for help to passing players. To release a prisoner from his/her chains, simply double-click them. Releasing a prisoner will cause them to follow you for a short length of time. You can then escort them to any town and they will reward you for your assistance.


Townspeople requesting escort will not travel with someone who is already escorting another; you may only have one escort at a time. You must also wait 5 minutes between each escort.

Saying "destination" to an NPC wishing to be escorted will result in them telling you where they would like to go.

Saying "I will take thee" to an NPC wishing to be escorted will cause them to follow you.

Upon reaching their desired destination, the NPC will thank you and pay you for your service.

If your NPC escort has stopped following you, try saying "destination" again. This will usually get his attention, and he will resume following you. They will sometimes get "stuck" crossing server boundaries as well. If this happens, go back to them, say "destination" to get them following you again, and try crossing the server boundary in a different location.

NPC escorts must arrive at their requested location in a timely manner, or they may disappear.


When a Noble or Seeker of Adventure is attacked outside of town limits, they will call "henchmen" for assistance. Henchmen that come to the aid of a Noble or Seeker of Adventure will have increased fighting ability. Some will use archery. The Noble or Seeker of Adventure cannot be killed until the henchmen are dealt with (killed). Henchmen will carry some of the gold from the Noble or Seeker of Adventure as payment for coming to their rescue. After a short time, the henchmen will leave the Noble or Seeker of Adventure and return from where they came.

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