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Hirelings and Pets
Britannia is a land where it always pays to have a few friends at your side. If no friends are available when you need them, you can always buy some.

Pets and hirelings can perform a wide variety of tasks, but they're most useful as guards. They can guard houses, ships or belongings you may have to leave exposed. They can also guard your possessions while you're dead and seeking resurrection. While you are in battle, they can fight by your side.


NPCs of the following types will sometimes consent to work for PCs: peasant, pirate, sailor, thief, bard, beggar, gambler, brigand, warrior, mercenary, magician, servant, fighter, paladin and ranger. To offer an NPC employment, use the words "hire", "mercenary", "servant", or "work" in conversation.

Hirelings charge 10 to 80 gold pieces per day for their services, depending on how specialized their skills are. Peasants and beggars come cheap; paladins and rangers don't. Pay hirelings by dragging gold over them. The further in advance you pay your hirelings, the more loyal they will be (and the longer they'll stick to their posts in your absence).


Horses, dogs and cats (and sometimes more exotic beasts) can be purchased. Many wild animals can be caught and trained. Most natural animals and even a few monsters can be trained, but some are much harder to train than others. Creatures can also be summoned. Summoned and tamed creatures assume the karma of the caster.

Summoned creatures can be summoned with various magical skills, and creatures can be tamed with the Animal Taming Skill. For more information on taming and managing pets, visit the Animal Taming page.

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