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Young Players
When you set foot in Britannia for the very first time, you are considered a "young" player and granted certain privileges and rights as such. We've put together a list of some frequently asked questions about "young" status - you can find all the answers below.

What are the requirements to be considered "young"?

You are considered to be "young" if you have logged fewer than 40 hours of play and all of your characters:
  • Have less than 450 total skill points
  • And you have not had your "young" status revoked by a GM
  • "Young" status is affected by your total playtime with your account, and is not calculated on a per-character basis.

    How do I lose my "young" status?

    You lose your "young" status if your account age goes beyond 40 hours and any of your characters:
  • Have more than 450 total skill points
  • Or if you have your "young" status revoked by a GM
  • You may also lose your "young" status if any of your characters state, "I renounce my young player status."

    I'm "young" and can't log on to the "Siege Perilous" shard. Why not?

    The Siege shards (Siege Perilous and Mugen) are shards for advanced players only. Siege Perilous is a shard for advanced players only. Players with "Young" status cannot access it.

    If you wish to access Siege Perilous with a new account, you will have to renounce your Young status as described above. Keep in mind that if you renounce your Young status, you will permenantly lose all benefits and protections of being Young.

    I died and was teleported to a healer, but she won't resurrect me ... what do I do?

    Move away from the healer (up to half a screen) and then walk back towards her.

    How do I get a new player quest?

    New Player quests provide a series of adventures that pit you against some of Blackthorn's minions, and are a great way to get familiar with the basics of moving, interacting and communicating with others in the game. As long as you choose one of the three main character templates (Warrior, Mage or Blacksmith), your new character will be created in a place that leads directly to Uzeraan, and you'll also be provided with step-by-step instructions in how to get started in your chosen profession. Something important to note here is that if you choose the "cancel quest" option, you could miss out on some extremely helpful info and items (not to mention there's 1000 gold pieces in it for you if you complete the quest). However, you can simply stop playing the quest without actually canceling it and continue it at any time as long as you're still eligible (ie: still a new, or "young" player). Hint: If you need a reminder as to what the quest was, click on your paper doll and select "View Quest Log". Spending time in Haven, the new player city, upon completion of these quests also gives you a chance to practice your new skills in a non-threatening environment, so by all means take advantage of your time there!

    What do I do with my "new player ticket"?

    First, you'll need to find another new player holding a ticket. Once you've found another new player, double-click your ticket and target any other ticket marked NEW PLAYER, and you receive a list of prizes to choose from. Generally, the easiest way to do this is to place both your tickets in a trade window and then double-click on both of them.

    What does "new player protection" mean?

    While you are "young," you have access to certain forms of protection not available to more experienced players, called "New Player Protection." They include the following:

  • New players cannot damage other players.
  • Other players cannot damage new players.
  • Monsters that would normally be actively hostile to a player do not attack new players, unless they are quest monsters.
  • New players are teleported to a healer when they die. They retain their belongings.
  • New players cannot loot a monster they did not kill until the creature has been dead for at least two minutes.
  • Other players cannot loot a monster killed by a new player.
  • New players cannot steal from other players or NPCs.
  • New players can insta-log anywhere, as if they were in an inn.

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