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Skill Caps, Modifiers, and Management
Skill and Stat Caps
You cannot exceed 100 points in any skill, and your total skill points are capped at 700, unless your account is more than one year old. However, there are some skills that can be raised over 100 with the use of Scrolls of Power.

Total stats are capped at 225 for new accounts. At 6 months, all characters will have their stat cap raised by 5 points to 230. Also, Scrolls of Power can be found to raise your stat cap by up to 25 points.

Individual stats are capped at 150.
Skill Management
There is a maximum total number of skill points you can possess among all your skills, called your skill cap. You are able to manage your skills by setting each skill to one of three modes: raise, lower, or lock.

To manage your skills, click on the Skills button in your Character Window (paperdoll). On the far right of each individual skill there is an arrow pointing up, pointing down or a padlock. Click on it to cycle through the modes. If you have reached the skill cap and all of your skills are marked with either Raise or Lock, you can not train in a skill with an NPC.
  • Raise - When a skill is set to Raise (up arrow), this skill will increase as it is used..
  • Lower - When a skill is set to Lower (down arror), this skill will decrease if you're at the skill cap and gain in other skills. Skills set to Lower will not allow you to gain stats from use of that skill.
  • Lock - When a skill is set to Lock (padlock), this skill's value will not change. Skills set to Lock will not allow you to gain stats from use of that skill.
A field at the bottom of the skill menu lists your character's skill total. This allows you to see how close you are to the skill cap. Click on the Show Skill Caps button to see your individual skill caps.

Initially, there are 4 skill groups, sorted by category. To add a new group, click the New Group button. If you wish to rename a group, double-click the group name and make your desired changes. To move skills between groups, click and drag the skill from one group to another. If you're moving a skill to an empty group, you will have to drag the skill on top of the group name in order to add it to that group.

To delete a skill group, click the skill group name to highlight it, then press the delete key. If you are using UO Assist, make sure that any macros you have tied to the delete key allow the delete keystroke to be passed onto the UO Client, otherwise you will not be able to delete a skill group.

To make viewing or editing your skills easier, you can click and drag the blue gem at the bottom of the skill window to show more skills at once.

Stat Management
Stats can be managed in the same manner as skills - the toggles for raise, lower, and lock are found on the character stat window (drag a health bar off of your character and double-click it to open this window.)
Vet Reward Skill Cap
For every year that your account has been active, up to 4 years, you will be given a 5 skill point bonus to your overall skill cap. During the month of your 1 year anniversary, assuming your account has been active continuously, your skill cap will increase to 705. The maximum bonus, after 4 years, is a skill cap of 720.
Q: What happens if I'm at the skill cap and my skills are all marked 'up'?
A: None of your skills will change.

Q: What happens if I'm at the skill cap and the only skills marked 'down' are at 0.0?
A: None of your skills will change.

Q: What happens if I mark all my skills 'down'?
A: None of your skills will change, because they only atrophy when another skill rises.

Q: If I mark all my skills 'down' except for one, will that skill go up faster?
A: No.

Q: Will I gain stats when I use a skill marked 'down' or 'lock'?
A: No.

Q: What happens when I try to train with an NPC if I am skill capped and all of my skills are marked either 'stop' or 'up'?
A: You will not be able to train with the NPC.

Q: Can I set a different configuration for each character?
A: Yes. Each character on each shard can have different skill management settings.

Q: How do I gain stats when at the skill cap?
A: You can only gain stats from skills that are marked as 'up.' If you are at the skill cap, simply mark a skill up, and you will gain stats when you use it.

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