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Bulk Order Deeds
The bulk order feature is a new addition to Ultima Online, and is only available to blacksmiths and tailors at this time, allowing us a chance to evaluate and improve the system before expanding it to include more of the crafts.

Players with a sufficient skill in blacksmithy or tailoring will have a random chance to receive bulk order requests from NPC Armorers and Blacksmiths (blacksmithy) and NPC Tailors and Weavers (tailoring) when they sell goods to those NPCs.


The BOD will appear as a grey (blacksmith) or green (tailoring) deed within the character's backpack, labeled "a bulk order deed."

  • Double-clicking the deed will display a gump-window which will list the desired item(s), amount, if the item needs to be acceptable, and of what sort of material must be used.
  • To complete an order, you can use the "combine" button on the deed's gump to combine the crafted items with the deed until the amount of items the deed requests has been reached.
  • The items and deeds must be within your backpack for the combination to work.
  • Once the correct amount of items have been created and combined with the deed, the deed can then be dropped on the appropriate NPC for a reward.

Example of a Bulk Order Deed Gump-window


The level of the character's blacksmithy or tailoring skill will affect the level and complexity of any BOD offered to that character; as the character's ability increases, so may the difficulty of the BODs increase.

Small Orders
Small orders, the only ones given to players with less than 70 skill, will request items that will allow the player to gain skill.

Large Orders
Large bulk orders will be extremely difficult to fill, in that each large bulk order may consist of filling and combining several smaller bulk orders. For instance, a large bulk order for blacksmiths may require 20 full sets of armor to be made. The player must obtain several smaller bulk orders, each requiring 20 pieces of an individual piece of armor. These smaller orders for the individual pieces must be completed, and combined into the large bulk order before the large bulk deed can be returned to the NPC for a reward. The smaller orders must be for the same number, quality, and ore type as the original large bulk order. Large bulk orders offer higher rewards, and are only offered to blacksmiths with 70 blacksmithy skill or higher. The same applies to the Tailoring bulk orders.

All items craftable by blacksmiths and tailors can be requested by a blacksmith's bulk order or a tailor's bulk order. The quality, quantity, and material type are chosen at random. The quality is limited to normal or exceptional. The quantity is limited to 10, 15, or 20.

The material (ore) types for blacksmiths are: iron, dull copper, shadow, copper, bronze, golden, agapite, verite, and valorite. Higher-level blacksmiths will have a better chance of getting colored BODs - +20% at 110 skill, +40% at 120 skill.

The material types for tailors are: cloth, leather hides, bones, spined hides, horned hides, and barbed hides.


The rewards are threefold. The first reward is gold. A check will be given to the person fulfilling the order if the amount is equal to or above 5000 gold. The second reward is a special item not available currently in the game, chosen based on the difficulty of the order. The third reward is an amount of fame, which is based on the difficulty of the deed.

Blacksmithy Reward Items:
  • Sturdy/Durable shovels and pickaxes
  • Gloves of Mining
  • Gargoyle's Pickaxe.
  • Hued Anvil
  • Prospector's Tool
  • Powder of Temperament
  • Blacksmith Scrolls of Power
  • Runic Hammer
  • Ancient Hammer
  • Tailoring Reward Items:
  • Special cloth (20 new hues)
  • Brown Bear Rug
  • Polar Bear Rug
  • Flower Tapestry
  • Small Stretched Hide
  • Medium Stretched Hide
  • Specially Hued Sandals
  • Tailoring Scrolls of Power
  • Clothing Bless Deed
  • Examples


    Example #1: The easiest bulk order to complete would be an order for 10 buckler shields of normal quality and made with iron ingots. The reward would be a moderate amount of fame, some gold, and a special item.

    Example #2: The hardest bulk order to complete would be a large bulk order for 20 suits of platemail (all 6 pieces) of exceptional quality made with valorite. The player would need to have a large bulk order deed, as well as six small bulk order deeds, each for the same number, quality, and ore type, and each for a different piece of the full armor set. These six small orders (each for 20 of a particular armor piece, of exceptional quality, and made from valorite ingots) would need to be combined into the deed. The reward would be an enormous amount of fame, a bank check for a large sum of gold, and a magical item.


    Example #1: The easiest Tailoring BOD to complete would be an order for 10 skullcaps, of normal quality, each made of cloth.

    The player will combine each skullcap as it is completed with the SBOD, and when all the required skullcaps are combined into the SBOD the player will drop the SBOD onto an NPC Tailor or Weaver in order to receive their reward.

    The reward would be a moderate amount of gold (in the character's backpack), one special item (also appearing in the character's backpack) and a minor increase in Fame for that character.

    Example #2: One of the hardest Tailoring BODs to complete would be a large bulk order for 6 SBODs-1 SBOD for each of the 6 pieces that make up a set of leather armor, with each piece being of exceptional quality, and each piece made with the new barbed leather material.

    The player will need to collect the appropriate SBODs, and fill their requirements as normal. The player may combine each SBOD as it is completed with the LBOD, and when all the required SBODs are combined into the LBOD the player will drop the LBOD onto an NPC Tailor or Weaver in order to receive their reward.

    BOD Books

    Bulk Order Books allow players to store their Bulk Order Deeds in convenient books, greatly reducing the house item counts necessary to store them, as well as making them easier to sort.

    Each book holds up to 500 of any type of Bulk Order Deeds, regardless of craft, size, quality, material type, etc. The book can store any type of bulk order and is not specific to a type of bulk order deed (ie: blacksmithing and tailoring bulk order deeds can both be placed in the same book). BOD books are not lootable or stealable.

    Crafting BOD books:
    BOD books can be crafted through Inscription, and require 10 scrolls to create. The minimum skill to craft one is 65.1 (with a 0.2% chance of success at that skill level). A player with 90.0 skill in Inscription will have a 50% chance of success.

    Adding/Removing deeds from a BOD book:
    To add a deed, just drag and drop the deed onto the book. As long as the book isn't already full, the deed will be added and the BOD list will automatically display the first page of the book. To remove a deed from the book, click on the "drop" button next to the deed in the BOD list. Deeds cannot be removed from a BOD book while the book is in a vendor's backpack.

    To browse a book:
    Double-click it. If the book is empty, no deeds will be listed, and the user will get a message stating that the book is empty. If there are deeds in the book, players can browse the list by clicking the "next" or "previous" buttons. You can exit a book by either right-clicking on the gump or clicking the EXIT button.

    A list of BODs stored within a BOD book

    To price a deed while in a book:
    A deed can be priced by clicking on a corresponding price button next to a deed on a page of the BOD list gump. The deed must be in a player's backpack. This will cause the BOD list gump to close and reopen on the same page the user was viewing.

    Note: By choosing to set a price on individual BODs or on the BOD book itself, players can choose to sell either the whole book as one item, to sell only individual BODs out of that book, or to sell nothing and simply keep the book on display for other players to browse.

    To purchase a deed from a book:
    A deed can be purchased by clicking on a corresponding price button next to a deed on a page of the BOD list gump. The deed must be in a vendor's backpack. This will cause the BOD list gump to close and reopen on the same page the user was viewing.

    To use search filters while browsing for specific deeds:
    Players will be able to create search filters, allowing them to browse deeds in any BOD book almost any way they like - by type, by size, by material, and more. And better yet, players will be able to set personal filters that will persist from book to book!

    For example, let's say you're looking to buy a large iron blacksmithing BOD. You can go to a book and set your personal filter to only show that type of deed. If you don't find what you're looking for there, you can go to the next book - and until you change your personal filter, you'll continue to only see those deeds that fit your search criteria!

    You can click the "Filter Preference" button to set either of the two types of filters available: a Book Filter, which saves its preferences on the specific book being viewed, and a Personal Filter, which is specific to the player and is displayed as default whenever a player views a book (after it is set).

    Filter preferences will allow you to show only those BODs you're specifically looking for.

    You'll be able to filter BOD books to show deeds by the following variables:

    1. Type (All, Small, or Large)
    2. Quality (All, Normal, or Exceptional)
    3. Material (All, Iron, Dull Copper, Shadow Iron, Copper, Bronze, Gold, Agapite, Verite, Valorite, Cloth/Leather, Spined Leather, Horned Leather, or Barbed Leather)
    4. Quantity (All, 10, 15, or 20)

    BOD books and item counts:
    Bulk Order Deed books reduce the number of item counts (or lockdowns) that deeds take up. A BOD book counts as 1 item plus 1 for every 5 deeds in the book (rounded down,) up to a maximum of 101 item counts per book, for a total savings of approximately 400 counts.

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