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Armor, Shields, & Weapons
Looking to bravely venture forth wielding a fearsome battle axe? Or perhaps you're curious about the benefits of a good set of plate mail? Our weapons and equipment guide contains all you need to know about many of the common weapons and armor found throughout Britannia.

Most cities and towns in Britannia have Armorers and Blacksmith shops, Carpenters and Tailors. Major cities, such as Britain, have shops specializing in heavy armor. If you're far from a town and you need to buy some armor, or have it repaired, you can often find skilled blacksmiths among the miners in mountain areas, or perhaps a remote estate will have vendors that offer player-crafted wares.

Items have "durability," listed as current durability/max durability. Items may become damaged in combat, and will lose durability. Repairing the item will raise the current durability, but each repair attempt has a substantial chance of lowering the max durability by one. Badly damaged items are more likely to lose max durability when repaired. More skilled crafters are less likely to lower an item's max durability by repairing it, but even for a Legendary craftsman the chance is still considerable.

In order to repair weapons or armor, a crafter will need the tools of her trade. Using these tools will allow you to select the Repair Item from the crafting menu. Once you select Repair Item, a targeting cursor will appear. Place this cursor over the weapon or armor you wish to repair and double-click.

For the convenience of their customers, crafters can make and sell "repair service contracts" so that players can repair their items without the crafter physically present - for more information, check out Repair Service Contracts

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