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When in fierce combat with an overwhelming foe, it always helps to know where to aim your sword to do the most damage. A little knowledge of anatomy not only keeps your blows on target, but also comes in handy when healing damage you've taken. Not, of course, that you'll ever be hurt.
Using Anatomy
The Anatomy skill is both an active use skill, meaning you use it by selecting it from your skills menu, and an automatic skill, meaning you use your knowledge of anatomy automatically while in combat situations.
To use your Anatomy skill to assess the physical characteristics of an animal, monster or other player:
  • Click the blue gem next to the skill on your skill list.
  • Target the monster, animal or player with your cursor.
If successful, you are given information on the target's stamina reserves, as well as information on their strength and dexterity based on the following table:

Strength Message Target's Strength Dexterity Message Target's Dexterity
Rather feeble 1-10 Very clumsy 1-10
Somewhat weak 11-20 Somewhat uncoordinated 11-20
To be of normal strength 21-30 Moderately dexterous 21-30
Somewhat strong 31-40 Somewhat agile 31-40
Very strong 41-50 Very agile 41-50
Extremely strong 51-60 Extremely agile 51-60
Extraordinarily strong 61-70 Extraordinarily agile 61-70
Strong as an ox 71-80 Moves like quicksilver 71-80
One of the strongest people you have ever seen 81-90 One of the fastest people you have ever seen 81-90
Superhumanly strong 90+ Superhumanly agile 90+
Anatomy in Combat
Your Anatomy skill is automatically used while in combat to increase your damage. This can increase your damage by up to 65%.

Anatomy Skill Damage Bonus
10 5 %
20 10 %
30 15 %
40 20 %
50 25 %
60 30 %
70 35 %
80 40 %
90 45 %
100 55 %
110 60 %
120 65 %
Anatomy and Healing
When using the Healing skill, your Anatomy skill allows you to heal greater amounts of damage. If your Anatomy skill is 60 or higher, you may heal poison in yourself and others. If your Anatomy skill is 80 or higher, you may resurrect dead players.
Detailed Skill Information
Damage Bonus % = anatomy / 6 (+ 5% if anatomy at 100.0 or higher)
Healing Bonus = anatomy / 6 + damage healed by healing
Additional Information
Professional Title: Healer
Skill Used By: Skill list (assessing opponents), automatic (when in combat, or using Healing skill)
Trainers: Artist, Butcher, Healer Guildmaster, Sculptor, Wandering Healer
Primary Stat: Intelligence
Secondary Stat: Strength
Handy Additional Skills for Healers:
Healing - Anatomy greatly increases the effectiveness of Healing.

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