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By default the radar map will appear in the right hand corner. It will show 4 directions of North, South, East, and West. At the top will have a green swirly and a red x. On the bottom it has a plus and minus button.
  • Green Swirly : Opens up full atlas
  • Red X: closes the radar map. (to open press the map button on the default hotbar)
  • Plus: will zoom in
  • Minus: will zoom out
The Atlas will open over the player by default. This has 3 buttons to the side a plus, minus, and an arrow. The plus and minus will allow the player to zoom in and zoom out. This can also be accomplished by using the mouse wheel. The arrow will take you to the map legend. 

You can turn on and off landmarks shown on the map. Your options are:

While looking at the main map if a player takes their pointer and points anywhere on the map it will show the exact location at the top right hand of the map. For points of interest point directly at them will highlight the locations in a pop up window. 

Players do not have to be in the same location as the map. Players can look at other facets and look at different parts of the world. By either using the arrows at the top of the atlas or with their wheel on their mouse.  Players can also navigate by left clicking on the map and moving it around. 

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