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Customizable Hotbars
Players can drag nearly anything with an icon to their hotbar with the exception of the game menu icons (located at the bottom right under default settings). The hotbar consists of up to 12 slots in a single hot bar. Players are able to shorten the hot bar to a single cell. They can also display vertical or horizontal by left clicking and dragging the arrow in the last cell. 

Items you can put in the hot bar:
  • Skills (green icon skills)
  • Spells
  • Attacks
  • Player profile items
  • Macros 
  • Weapon Abilities
  • Tithing points (shows quantity)
  • Stacked items (displays picture and quantity)

With all these types of items players may not be able to fit it onto one hot bar. Players can open up a blank hot bar by right clicking on one of the open hot bars and using the sub menu “New Hotbar”. To remove a hot bar just right click on it and choose “Destroy Hotbar”. Please note that this option will not appear if it is the main hotbar. 

To remove an individual item from the hotbar you have two options. The first would be dragging it off the hot bar and right clicking it (this is the fastest way). The other option would be to right click the icon on the bar and choosing the sub menu to “Clear Item”. Players can delete the whole hotbar in cases where they would like all of the items to be removed. 

There is no limitation on the amount of hotbars a player would like.

Please Note: If you are using SA Targeting you will be able to right click any item on the hotbar and set the target. To enable SA Targeting go to user settings and click on the "Legacy" tab. Uncheck Legacy Targeting. 

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