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Creating a Macro

When creating macros players will be able to mix and match actions, spells, skills, items, and weapon abilities. The macros will work by the order that the  actions, spells, skills, items, and weapon abilities are placed. This guide will run through the basics of setting up a macro and how to place it on the hotbar. 

  1. Click on the Main Menu (or press escape)
  2. Choose macro
  3. Click create
  4. Choose your macro icon by clicking on "no icon set"
  5. Drag and drop the icons you choose from the actions, spells, skills, items, and weapon abilities. (To drag an item to the macro window open up the actions, spellbook, skill, ect.. and drag it to the slot on the macro window. )
  6. Choose if you would like this to repeat and how many times up to 10
  7. Name the macro to something you will remember
  8. Drag and drop it to the hotbar
  9. Right click to on the hotbar to assign a hotkey

If using the SA targeting players will be able to assign the target on the hotbar once the macro is placed. 

Note: When assigning an emote, yell, say, or whisper a pop up menu will ask you what you would like to say. Delay macro will ask the amount of time in seconds. 

Practice macro:

  1. Emote= hugs
  2. Bow
  3. Delay 2.1 seconds
  4. Salute
  5. Delay 2.1 seconds 
  6. Emote= hugs 
  7. Enabled repeating
  8. Repeat 4 times
  9. Choose Icon
  10. Place on hotbar

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