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Enhanced Targeting

When a player first loads up the SA client it will have the "Legacy Targeting" option enabled by default. This is a more familiar system to players who use the Classic Client (2D). To enable SA Targeting go to user settings and click on the "Legacy" tab. Uncheck Legacy Targeting.

This portion of the guide will explain in detail on how SA Targeting works. Some players may find this type of targeting much easier to use with their type of character.  A couple of examples would be either a mage or a healer type. While some classes may find that the Legacy targeting fits their needs best.

When SA Targeting is enabled players will be able to set the target to any item they drag and drop to their hotbar. This is accomplished by right clicking on the item in the hotbar and setting the target. The options are: 

  • Self
  • Cursor
  • Stored
  • Current
So for example a player could put bandages on their hotbar and set the target to self. The amount of bandages left in their pack and every time they clicked on the hotkey or hotbar icon that action would always use the bandage on the player.  

Also, within SA Targeting a player can select themselves by left clicking on their avatar. Most Classic Client users are used to left clicking for the toggle menu. This can be found by right clicking the player status window. 

For Classic Client users who have often used Target Next, Attack Last, and Last Target macro combinations, you'll now be able to fully reproduce this with the new 'Cycle Last Cursor Target', 'Attack Last Cursor Target', and the already existing 'Cursor Target Last' actions. A second mini-health has been added underneath mobs to keep track of your last cursor target as well.

Here are some pro's and con's to each of the types of targeting within the SA client from player feedback. 


SA Targeting 

  • More flexible -many more target options available
  • Ease of set-up - can set target for an action or macro from the hotbar context menu
  • The target circle is very clear - target is obvious
  • Mobile/player being targeted or targeting automatically pops status/target bar onto screen
  • Target always defaults to "current" unless otherwise directed - very nice for spell casters 

Legacy Targeting 

  • Familiararity for 2D Players
  • Less unwanted/unexpected auto-targeting
  • A little more straight-forward. Unless directed otherwise, target is always cursor
  • Less accidental changing of parameters by mistakenly right-clicking on hotbar 


SA Targeting 

  • Auto-targeting can result in accidental flagging or beneficial acts not intended
  • Due to the auto-pull of target bar from attacker, you may see a target bar of something you are NOT currently attacking, possibly causing unintended target switching
Legacy Targeting
  • Not as flexible - less possible directed targets
  • Slightly more complicated set-up - macros targeting a specified target must be made thru the macro system
  • Not always as smooth as SA Targeting - known issues with extra tick (sometimes) in target self, and issues with last target
  • Target/flag huing is not as obvious as 2D, and the heal bar indicator is harder to see than in 2D
  • Status/target bars do not automatically pop up when targeting or targeted by a mobile/player





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