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Custom Carpets
Custom Carpets represent a new way of offering our players the ability to customize the look and feel of their homes by assembling carpets into any shape or size they wish. In the past, the players have only had access to larger, predefined house add-ons, or single-tile versions sold individually.

With Stygian Abyss, the players will be able to complete a short quest-chain that allows them access to a special vendor’s inventory of carpet pieces. Each carpet piece can be placed inside a home and locked down in an intuitive, simple manner that doesn’t count against their total lockdown count.

These carpet tiles use older, existing art that hasn’t otherwise been available to the players. This idea was originally attempted in a system that Michael “Vex” Moore wrote in 2001, which was in turn inspired by "Dermott"'s idea for vendor-sold floor tiles, but was never used due to potential exploits and complications. The goal of this system is to sidestep the issues that the earlier implementation might have caused, and introduce the carpet tiles in Stygian Abyss through a quest requirement.

  • Sixty-one different carpet tile pieces
  • A new quest-chain that allows you to buy carpet pieces from a special vendor
  • Requires Stygian Abyss Expansion
  • Doesn't count against the lockdown limit

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