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NPC Veterinarians
With the launch of Stygian Abyss, the NPC Veterinarians throughout the world will be able to resurrect player pets for a fee. This feature will not require the expansion entitlement, as the Veterinarians in both Ter Mur and Britannia will gain this ability, but will be made freely available as part of the expansion release. During the resurection process the player will be frozen and can not move. 
  • On approaching an NPC Veterinarian, a player will be offered a chance to resurrect their bonded pet
  • Cost scales based on the pet's Taming Requirement, and is directly debited from the player's bank account
  • Does not require the Stygian Abyss expansion entitlement

Requirements for your pet to be resurected
  • The targeted pet must be the player’s pet, bonded, and dead
  • It must be within 12 tiles
  • It must be in Line of Sight of the player
  • Player must have the gold available in the bank

What happens when you meet the requirements
  • The pet will be resurrected
  • The pet will not receive a health bonus when it's resurrected
  • The player will receive feedback about the gold debit
  • System message: "X gold has been withdrawn from your bank box."
  • System message: "You have X gold in cash remaining in your bank box."

If you do not meet the gold requirements you will get this message
  • System message: "Unfortunately, you do not have enough cash in your bank to cover the healing."

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