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Basket Weaving
Basket weaving is the ability for tinkers to craft their own colored baskets, including a number of previously non-obtainable baskets, using reeds obtained from plants. This seeks to give further reasons for players to grow plants, as well as a reason to hunt toxic sliths as their toxic venom sacs will be used as part of an ingredient required to craft the baskets. Alchemists will also get to take part in this activity to transform the venom into scouring toxins which I intend to be usable for a variety of purposes.

To create baskets, players will need:
  1. Softened Reeds
  2. Wooden shafts
  3. To have read the basket weaving book
GM Tinkers only may read the basket weaving book, enabling them to make the baskets. While players who haven’t read the book yet will see the basket frames in their tinkering menu, if they attempt to make them, they will be messaged to learn basket weaving first. The book can be bought from NPC Tinkers in Ter-Mur. Wooden shafts can be bought from NPC bowyer or cut out of boards.


They are made from decorative plants using the clippers which need to have been set first to “set to cut reeds” via the context menu on the clippers. The reeds thus obtained are dry reeds but will simply be labeled according to the color of the plant they were cut from (and hued the same as well).

These dry reeds need to be turned into softened reeds using a scouring toxin. Players will need 2 dry reeds to make a single softened reed. The dry reeds must be of the same color. There are 2 ways soften the reeds:
  1. Double click a bottle of scouring toxin and target one of the reeds of the color desired.
  2. Open the Alchemy menu using a mortar, go under the tab Earthen Mixtures and select “softened reeds”. If the player only has a single type of dry reeds in his bag, it will be automatically turned into softened reeds. If he has multiple colors, he will get a target cursor to select the ones he wishes to use.

In either case, if at least 2 of that type of reeds are in the player’s backpack, two of said type will be used up as well as the scouring toxin and a softened reed of matching color will be placed in the player’s bag.

Making the Basket

 In the Tinkering menu, under wooden items, players can see the various craftable baskets. The table below displays the types available as well as the material requirements. The reeds referred to in the table are softened reeds.


 If the player has more than 1 type of softened reeds in his backpack, he will be asked to target the material he wishes to use. If he has enough soft reeds of the targeted type, a completed basket hued same color as the reeds that were used will be created.

The basket will simply be labeled “basket” or whatever specific name its original art is.

Below is the complete set of craftable basket hues. Note that to obtain the plain version of any basket, players will have to use the scouring toxin on them as the “plain” plants will give reeds hued.


 Scouring Toxin

The scouring toxinis made by Alchemists. The ingredients are:


  • Toxic venom sac from the toxic slith
  • Empty bottle 


Note that the Toxic Slith doesn’t’ current drop the sac as loot is currently being generated on all Ter-Mur monsters.

The toxin is crafted using the Alchemist menu, under the Poison tab.

Once created, the toxin currently has 2 functions:


  • Soften reeds
  • Scour dyable items


On double click, player is asked which item he wishes to scour. If the player targets a dyable (ie any item which can currently be dyed with the new natural dyes), that item’s color will be reset to 0.

If the item targeted is a dry reed, if at least 2 of that color of dry reeds are present in the player’s backpack, they will be turned into a softened reed.

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