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"Stand over there and let me shoot this apple off your head. No. I promise. I'll shoot the apple."

From a distant grove of trees, a lone archer raises his crossbow, takes slow, careful aim, and with the twitch of a finger, impales danger with a deadly bolt. A skill requiring a steady aim and dexterous fingers, those who live "close to the land" often favor Archery.
The Tools
Bows and crossbowsf are weapons of choice for those pursuing skill in Archery. For more information on bows and crossbows, visit the Armory.
Sold by: Bowyer
Crafted? Yes, using Bowcraft/Fletching skill.

Bolts and arrows are required ammunition for your crossbow and bow, respectively. A wise archer always keeps a supply of ammunition at hand.
Sold by: Bowyer, Provisioner
Crafted? Yes, using Bowcraft/Fletching skill.

Archery butts can be found throughout the land of Britannia and can be used as practice targets to hone your Archery skill.
Sold by: Unavailable for purchase
Crafted? No
Using Archery
Your Archery skill is checked automatically each time you attempt to use a bow or crossbow. As your skill raises, your chance of damaging an opponent with a ranged attack increases. To use your Archery skill, equip a bow or crossbow, enter War mode, and double-click on an opponent.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Archer
Skill Used by: Automatic when using bow or crossbow
Trainers: Bard, Bard Guildmaster, Bowyer, Mercenary, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster
Primary Stat: Dexterity
Secondary Stat: Strength
Secondary Skill (may improve while using Archery): Anatomy, Tactics 
Handy Additional Skills for Archers:
Bowcraft/Fletching - Save coins by creating your own archery equipment, including arrows and bolts.
Lumberjacking - It takes wood to create arrows, and that means chopping a few trees.

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