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Spell casting is not an easy skill to acquire, and for good reason! Spells can be the most destructive weapons in the world of UO, and some of the most spectacular. Magic spells can also be used for non-militant purposes, such as healing and increasing night vision. Those who seek to practice the magical arts would do well to wield their powers with discretion and caution.
The Circles of Magic
Spells are ranked into circles (First Circle through Eighth Circle) that signify their power and the magic ability required to cast it. These eight concentric circles of magic correspond to vortices within the ether, all spinning one within another as they expand through the universe. The more powerful a spell you wish to cast, the deeper into the inner circles of ether you must penetrate. The deeper you go, the more mana (magical energy) each spell requires you to expend. Spells of the Eighth Circle require great measures of both skill and mana, while spells of the First Circle are much easier and require less energy.
Gaining Skill in Magery
To use the higher circles of magic, you must first have the requisite amount of skill in magery, as well as have a high amount of intelligence, since the advanced spells call for quite a bit of mana.

To have a better chance of gaining skill from successfully casting a spell, you should focus on the circles of magic that give you a 25%-50% chance of success, versus choosing circles that offer a higher success rate. The lower your chance of success when casting a spell, the higher the probability of actually gaining a skill point when you eventually succeed and cast the spell.

The table below shows the approximate success chance for circles of magic at different skill levels.

Magery Skill Chance for Success

1% 25% 50% 75% 100%
First - - 0 10 20
Second - 5 15 25 35
Third 9 19 29 39 49
Fourth 24 33 43 53 63
Fifth 38 48 58 68 78
Sixth 52 62 72 82 92
Seventh 67 76 86 96 106*
Eighth 81 90 100 114* 120*
*Skill over 100 only possible through use of Skill Scrolls of Power

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