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Third Circle
Magic Lock
Wall of Stone

3rd Circle Reagents Duration (seconds) Effect

Bless Ga, MR (((Eval / 5) + 1) * 6) Enhances a target's strength, intelligence, and dexterity by a percentage.
(11% at 100 Evaluate Intelligence)
Cannot be Resisted
Fireball BP Single Use Casts a fireball at a target
(12-32 damage) Successful Resist results in half damage
Magic Lock BM, Ga, SA Until broken or magically unlocked Magically locks a chest.


Ns Single Use Target is poisoned. The strength of the poison is determined by caster's Magery + Poison/2
(Up to 65 is Poison level 2, 85+ is Poison level 3, 100 gives 10% chance of Poison level 4) Successful Resist causes the spell to have no effect
Telekinesis BM, MR Single Use Allows you to use or move an object that is out of reach.
Teleport BM, MR Single Use Caster is transported to the target location (within the same screen)
(Max distance 11 tiles) Must be a visible location.
Unlock BM, SA Single Use Unlocks a magical lock or a low level normal lock.
Wall of Stone BM, Ga 10 seconds Creates a stone wall. Temporary effect.
All 3rd Circle spells cost 9 mana and take 1 second to cast

Reagents Key

BM - Blood Moss, BP - Black Pearl, Ga - Garlic, Gi - Ginseng , MR - Mandrake Root, Ns - Nightshade, SS - Spider Silk, SA - Sulphorous Ash

To cast spells from the Third Circle, you must have a spellbook, the appropriate reagents, and a reasonable amount of Magery skill.

Tip: By increasing a target's strength, dexterity, and intelligence, the target's mana, stamina, and health caps will also increase. This spell may give a player the edge needed to win a closely matched battle.
Required Reagents: Garlic, Mandrake Root
Words of Power: Rel Sanct

Tip: A ranged damage spell, higher in level than Magic Arrow, which deals a good amount of damage. With a fast cast time and a low reagent and mana cost, this is a good finishing spell even when you have the ability to cast higher circle spells.
Required Reagents: Black Pearl
Words of Power: Vas Flam

Magic Lock
Tip: Useful to deter thieves. You could Magic Lock a chest or box with items in it. If the container is over 10 stones, a thief cannot steal it.
Required Reagents: Bloodmoss, Garlic, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: An Por

Tip: Spell casters have a hard time casting spells while poisoned, since the poison will often interrupt them. Fighters may also be inconvenienced by this spell, since they must disarm one or both hands to drink a cure potion. If you cast Poison after a series of direct damage spells, it will force a player to cure before healing. With a higher level of skill in Poisoning, a mage can cast higher level poison spells at close range.
Required Reagents: Nightshade
Words of Power: In Nox

Tip: Useful for treasure hunters. With this spell, you can safely disable the traps on a chest after unlocking it. Make sure you stand as far away from the trapped chests as possible, while remaining within the spell's casting range when using Telekinesis to open chests.
Required Reagents: Bloodmoss, Mandrake Root
Words of Power: Ort Port Ylem

Tip: Teleport temporarily breaks targeting from monsters which can give you a chance to escape. It can also shorten the distance from one point to another by allowing you to take a shortcut across a fence or even a small river.
Required Reagents: Blood Moss, Mandrake Root
Words of Power: Rel Por

Tip: This spell unlocks magical locks, but will also open some of the less complex normal locks. With a higher skill level in Magery, one can unlock up to a second level treasure chest. In combination with Telekinesis, a mage can be of great assistance on treasure hunts.
Required Reagents: Garlic, Ginseng, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: Ex Por

Wall of Stone
Tip: This spell creates a temporary stone wall that can be used to block something from attacking you, which can be useful for when you need to make a quick getaway.
Required Reagents: Blood Moss, Garlic
Words of Power: In Sanct Ylem

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