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Fourth Circle
Arch Cure
Arch Protection
Fire Field
Greater Heal
Mana Drain

4th Circle Reagents Duration (seconds) Effect

Arch Cure Ga, Gi, MR Single Use Neutralizes the effects of poison on each character or creature within two to three squares of the caster.
Arch Protection Ga, Gi, MR, SA 120% Magery (up to 144 sec.) Identical to Protection but has a 2-tile radius where targeted, and applies the protection spell effect only to the caster and/or any party members within the 2-tile range.
Curse Ga, Ns, SA 120% Magery (up to 144 sec.)

Lowers the strength, dexterity, and intelligence of the target by a percentage (Magery/10+1)
(11% at 100 magery) Resist scales down the potency.

Fire Field

BP, SS, SA 50% Magery +4 (up to 64 sec.) Conjures a wall of fire.
(2 damage/second to anyone touching field)
Greater Heal Ga, Gi, MR, SS Permanent

Target is healed by 40% (caster's Magery) + (1-10)
(41-50 pts at 100 magery)

Lightning MR, SA Single Use Damages the target with a bolt of lightning. This spell now deals its damage instantly upon targeting, rather then in the 1-second callback typical of ranged damage spells. Energy damage
(30-34 damage at GM Magery, Eval, Inscription) Elemental Resistances reduce damage.
Mana Drain BP, MR, SS Single Use This spell now temporarily removes an amount of mana from the target based upon a comparison between the caster's evaluate intelligence skill and the target's resisting spells skill. After the duration has expired, any lost mana is restored to the target up to (but not exceeding) the target's maximum mana capacity.
(Mana lost = Caster's Eval+40 -Target's resist)
Recall BP, BM, MR Single Use Caster is transported to the location marked on the rune.
All 4th Circle spells cost 11 mana and take 1.25 seconds to cast

Reagents Key

BM - Blood Moss, BP - Black Pearl, Ga - Garlic, Gi - Ginseng , MR - Mandrake Root, Ns - Nightshade, SS - Spider Silk, SA - Sulphurous Ash

To cast spells from the Fourth Circle, you must have a spellbook, the appropriate reagents, and a moderate amount of Magery skill.

Arch Cure
Tip: This area effect spell will neutralize poison just as Cure (Second Circle) does, but will amplify the cure so that several creatures can be cured at once. This can be useful in group combat when the opponent is using poison field spells.
Required Reagents: Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake Root
Words of Power: Vas An Nox

Arch Protection
Tip: See Protection.
Required Reagents: Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake Root, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: Vas Uus Sanct

Tip: In direct opposition to Bless (Third Circle), this spell temporarily reduces the health, skill, agility, and intelligence of a single creature. This will result in your opponents doing less damage, as it will reduce their mana, stamina, and health by up to 11%.
Required Reagents: Nightshade, Garlic, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: Des Sanct

Fire Field
Tip: This spell must be cast on open ground, for a mage's power is not strong enough to conjure walls over objects or people. Monsters tend to avoid standing directly within the field and being burnt for extended periods of time, but you can use the Fire Field as an obstacle and lead monsters around and through it. This spell is useful for gaining skill points in Magic Resist at lower levels.

Always be wary of casting area effect spells in Felucca, as a Murder (red player) or Criminal (grey player) could use the spell to flag you as an aggressor (grey to them). This would allow them to kill you without taking a murder count.
Required Reagents: Black Pearl, Spider's Silk, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: In Flam Grav

Greater Heal
Tip: This is the strongest healing spell in a mage's spellbook. It takes a bit longer to cast than Heal, but heals a significantly larger amount of health. Try to put a bit of distance between yourself and your opponent before casting to avoid interruption, or use with the defensive spell Protection (Second Circle) to further decrease the chance of interruption.
Required Reagents: Garlic, Ginseng, Spider's Silk, Mandrake Root
Words of Power: In Vas Mani

Tip: This is your Fourth Circle damage spell. It does more damage than the Third Circle spell, Fireball, and still has a fairly fast cast time and a low reagent cost.
Required Reagents: Mandrake Root, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: Por Ort Grav

Mana Drain
Tip: This spell drains a large amount of mana from the creature on which it is cast. The best defense against this spell is the skill Magic Resistance.
Required Reagents: Blood Pearl, Mandrake Root, Spider's Silk
Words of Power: Ort Rel

Tip: A mage can cast this spell on a marked object (such as a rune or a runebook) to teleport back to the location where the object was marked. Objects can be marked with the Mark spell (Sixth Circle). This is a great travel tool for any adventurer. Recall allows quick access to all your favorite shops, dungeons, and friend's houses. Note: You might not be able to recall into or out of certain dangerous areas with magical protections (Dungeons, Ilshenar, Wind, Felucca's Lost Lands, Siege Perilous, etc.)
Required Reagents: Black Pearl, Blood Moss, Mandrake Root
Words of Power: Kal Ort Por

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