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Sixth Circle
Energy Bolt
Mass Curse
Paralyze Field

6th Circle Reagents Duration (seconds) Effect

Dispel Ga, MR, SA Single Use Dispels a creature summoned by a caster. Successful Resist causes the spell to have no effect
Energy Bolt BP, Ns Single Use Attacks a target with a bolt of energy.
(51-56 energy damage at GM Magery, Eval, Inscription) Elemental Resistances reduce damage.
Explosion BM, MR Single Use (2 second delay)

Damages a target with an explosion.
(51-56 fire damage at GM Magery, Eval, Inscription) .Elemental Resistances reduce damage.


BM, Ns 120% Magery (up to 144 sec.) The target becomes temporarily invisible.
Mark BP, BM, MR Permanent

Binds a rune to a specific location. The Recall spell can be used on the rune to teleport you to the location of binding.

Mass Curse Ga, MR, Ns, SA 120% Magery (up to 144 sec.) Casts Curse on a target and decreases its strength, dexterity, and intelligence by a percentage (caster's magery/10+1). Affects all creatures within a two tile radius.
(11%. at 100 magery) Resist scales down the potency.
Paralyze Field BP, Gi, SS 33% Magery +3 (up to 42.6 sec.) Conjures a field of paralysis that affects targets like the Paralyze (5th Circle) spell.
Reveal BM, SA Single Use Reveals the presence of any invisible creatures or players within the targeted tile.
All 6th Circle spells cost 20 mana and take 1.75 seconds to cast

Reagents Key

BM - Blood Moss, BP - Black Pearl, Ga - Garlic, Gi - Ginseng , MR - Mandrake Root, Ns - Nightshade, SS - Spider Silk, SA - Sulphurous Ash

To cast spells from the Sixth Circle, you must have a spellbook, the appropriate reagents, and a substantial amount of Magery skill.

Tip: Dispel destroys a single summoned creature. Good for getting rid of a Blade Spirit or Energy Vortex before they can attack friends.
Required Reagents: Garlic, Mandrake Root, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: An Ort

Energy Bolt
Tip: This spell does great damage against a target with a relatively short cast time and mana cost.
Required Reagents: Black Pearl, Nightshade
Words of Power: Corp Por

Tip: With a 2 second delay, this spell is often used as the setup spell for a combo. Explosion can be followed quickly by another damage spell (such as Energy Bolt) to effectively double the amount of damage done to a target in a relatively short amount of time.
Required Reagents: Blood Moss, Mandrake Root
Words of Power: Vas Ort Flam

Tip: Invisibility can break targeting to give you a chance to escape from an attacker. Very useful for a bard that needs to break the attention of a creature that has them targeted in order to give them a few extra seconds for another Provocation attempt. Tamers often use Invisibility to break targeting and focus their attacker's attention on their pets.
Required Reagents: Blood Moss, Nightshade
Words of Power: An Lor Xen

Tip: Marking an object at a specific location allows the mage to later cast Recall on the object and immediately return to the specified location. You can use this to create a library of your favorite places to visit and instantly travel the world. Runebooks can be used to store up to 16 marked runes and will not be lost when you die. Note: You might not be able to mark in certain dangerous areas with magical protections (Dungeons, Ilshenar, Wind, Felucca's Lost Lands, etc.)
Required Reagents: Black Pearl, Blood Moss, Mandrake Root
Words of Power: Kal Por Ylem

Mass Curse
Tip: Use this spell when you are surrounded by enemies in order to decrease their stats. Similar tactics to Curse (4th Circle).

Always be wary of casting area effect spells in Felucca, as a Murder (red player) or Criminal (grey player) could use the spell to flag you as an aggressor (grey to them). This would allow them to kill you without taking a murder count.
Required Reagents: Garlic, Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: Vas Des Sanct

Paralyze Field
Tip: This spell creates a temporary "wall" that paralyzes all who touch it. Great to use when you need to escape from a crowd. Can be useful for bards by giving them a little breathing room in order to use Provocation against their attackers.
Required Reagents: Black Pearl, Ginseng, Spider's Silk
Words of Power: In Ex Grav

Tip: Useful in a PvP setting where the opponent uses the hiding skill or Invisibility spell to escape. Can be used against Orc Scouts to find them and finish them off after they teleport and hide.
Required Reagents: Blood Moss, Sulphurous Ash
Words of Power: Wis Quas

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