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Black Pearl
Black Pearls are fairly rare, and for the purposes of magic, only perfectly spherical, unblemished Black Pearls suffice. These may be ground into a fine powder - an ignoble, yet potent end for so beautiful a stone.
Black Pearl is a common reagent in spells involving magical travel, distance, propulsion or projection.
Alchemy Uses
A hobbyist alchemist may be able to manufacture a potion of refreshment using three black pearls. With additional skill, he or she may also be able to make a potion of total refreshment using five black pearls.
Mage Uses
Black pearl is used frequently in spells involving magical travel, and also in combat spells.

First Circle
Second Circle
Third Circle
Fourth Circle
Fire Field
Mana Drain
Fifth Circle
Blade Spirits
Dispel Field
Mind Blast
Poison Field
Sixth Circle
Energy Bolt
Paralyze Field
Seventh Circle
Chain Lightning
Energy Field
Gate Travel
Mana Vampire
Mass Dispel
Eighth Circle
Energy Vortex
Black pearl can be found in any shop selling reagents. They may also be found throughout Britannia, in forests, meadows, dungeons, and on beaches.

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