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As a magical reagent, ginseng focuses the powers of healing and enhancement. However, its bitterness belies its restorative nature. Before it can be used in magic ritual, the root of the plant should be boiled in the freshest water, cooled and brought back to a boil in fresh water no less than forty times. With the last boiling, it is transformed into a heavy, strong-smelling syrup.
Alchemy Uses
Ginseng potions are used to magically heal a person's wounds. A lesser-healing potion using a single ginseng root is easy enough to be produced by anyone. An alchemy hobbyist can make a stronger version using three ginseng, and a journeyman alchemist can make the strongest known healing potion using seven ginseng roots.
Mage Uses
Ginseng is a required component of the following spells:

First Circle
Create Food
Second Circle
Third Circle
Fourth Circle
Arch Cure
Arch Protection
Greater Heal
Fifth Circle
Sixth Circle
Paralyze Field
Seventh Circle
Eighth Circle
Any shop that sells reagents is likely to have some ginseng. Additionally, it is often stocked by provisioners and healers. It may also be found throughout Britannia.

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