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Spider's Silk
Spider's silk is as common as spiders are, but as fine and light as air. Because of this, at least one ounce of it is required for a simple spell. The spider's silk concentrates the power to summon, conjure and bind.
Alchemy Uses
Anyone can make a potion of nightsight from a single ounce of spider's silk.
Mage Uses
Spider's Silk is a required component of the following spells:

First Circle
Reactive Armor
Night Vision
Second Circle
Magic Trap
Third Circle
Fourth Circle
Fire Field
Greater Heal
Mana Drain
Fifth Circle
Dispel Field
Magic Reflection
Poison Field
Summon Creature
Sixth Circle
Paralyze Field
Seventh Circle
Energy Field
Mana Vampire
Meteor Swarm
Eighth Circle
Air Elemental
Earth Elemental
Fire Elemental
Water Elemental
Spider's silk can be found at any magic shop carrying reagents. It may also be found throughout Britannia, particularly in locations frequented by spiders.

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