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Sulphurous Ash
This pungent ash, created by violent volcanic disturbances, recalls the fiery and explosive energies of its origin. It is uses in spells which create explosions, fire or light.
Alchemy Uses
Sulphurous ash as a alchemical agent produces an explosive compound. A weak explosion potion requiring three sulphurous ash can be produced by just about anyone. A novice alchemist can use five sulphurous ash to produce a slightly stronger explosion. An expert alchemist can make the strongest explosion potion using ten sulphurous ash.
In Magery
Sulphurous Ash is a required component of the following spells:

First Circle
Reactive Armor
Night Vision
Magic Arrow
Second Circle
Magic Trap
Magic Untrap
Third Circle
Magic Lock
Magic Unlock
Fourth Circle
Arch Protection
Fire Field
Fifth Circle
Dispel Field
Mind Blast
Sixth Circle
Mass Curse
Seventh Circle
Chain Lightning
Energy Field
Gate Travel
Mass Dispel
Meteor Swarm
Eighth Circle
Air Elemental
Fire Elemental
Sulphurous ash is stocked by all reagent vendors in a safe form. It may also be found throughout Britannia, particularly in dungeons.

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