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Words of Power
Listed below are syllables a mage utters to accomplish spells. These are syllables of an ancient language, which bind and release etheric energy. A basic understanding of these should give you insight into the nature of the spells you control.

Syllable Meaning
An Negate or Dispel
Bet Small
Corp Death
Des Lower or Down
Ex Freedom
Flam Flame
Grav Field
Hur Wind
In Make, Create or Cause
Jux Danger, Trap or Harm
Kal Summon or Invoke
Lor Light
Mani Life or Healing
Nox Poison
Ort Magic
Por Move or Movement
Quas Illusion
Rel Change
Sanct Protect or Protection
Tym Time
Uus Raise or Up
Vas Great
Wis Know or Knowledge
Xen Creature
Ylem Matter
Zu Sleep

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