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Throw a fireball here, a lightning bolt there, and add a summoned daemon for good measure. Those who study the magical arts of Britannia may not be adept with a sword and shield, but few can surpass the power of a learned mage.
The Tools
A spellbook allows a mage to keep all his known spells in one location. All spellbooks start as blank books into which scrolls are "dropped." While completed spellbooks are often sold by players, some mages choose to complete their own spellbooks over time.
Sold by: Mage
Crafted? Yes. Magery spell books can be crafted by a Scribe with at least 50.0 skill.

Scrolls may be used to cast individual spells or may be "dropped" into spellbooks to create permanent spell inscriptions within the spellbook. When used individually, they cast the inscribed spell once and are then destroyed. As reagents are used in the preparation of a scroll, no reagents are necessary to cast a spell from the scroll.
Sold by: Scribe (blank scrolls), Mage (spell scrolls)
Crafted? Yes, using the Inscription skill.

Reagents are required for casting all spells. For additional information, see Potions and Using Alchemy.
Sold by: Mage, Herbalist, Alchemist
Crafted? No
Using Magery
Your Magery skill is automatically checked each time you attempt to cast a spell. To cast a spell:
  • Free your hands of any items (other than "Spell Channeling" equipment.)
  • Open your spellbook and choose the appropriate spell
  • Double-click the spell icon to cast the spell.
  • If successful, the spell is cast. See the Magic section of the Play Guide for more details on Magery and the available spells.

    Note: If you are holding a single item in your hands, and your spellbook is in the top level of your backpack, any attempt to cast a spell automatically exchanges your held item with your spellbook.
    Spellbook Arrangement
    Single-clicking on a spell in your spellbook opens the book to a page containing additional information on the spell (such as required reagents and words of power) and a spell icon. To arrange your spells for easy casting, you may wish to "drag" the spell icon onto your playing area. You may then double-click the spell icon to cast the spell, rather than sort through your spellbook.

    Magery and the Fast Cast Property
    The Fast Cast property is capped at 2 for the use of Magery skills.
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Mage
    Skill Used by: Item usage (spellbook)
    Trainers: City Mage, Mage Guildmaster, Mage Shopkeeper, Magincia Councilmember, Ocllo Cashual, Wandering Mage
    Primary Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Strength
    Secondary Skill (may improve while casting spells): Evaluate Intelligence
    Handy Additional Skills for Mages:
    Inscription - Create your own scrolls for later use.
    Evaluate Intelligence - Assess your opponents and increase the damage of your spells.

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