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Bushido is the main skill of the Samurai, and embodies the very essence of honorable combat. With it, and the Book of Bushido, the Samurai can perform a variety of special abilities that are defensive in nature, but can be used to quickly and honorably defeat the toughest of opponents.
Honorable Execution
Mana Cost: 0
Minimum Skill Needed: 25
This special ability attempts to end an enemy's life with a single attack. If the attack does not kill the Samurai's enemy, her defenses are greatly weakened: Resistances suffer and Resist Spells suffer. The Samurai cannot attempt any special move while weakened, although a successful parry instantly ends the weakness.

If successful, the Honorable Execution infuses the Samurai with strength, healing them and boosting their swing speed for a short duration.

Note: Honorable Execution does not apply to Player vs. Player combat.

Mana Cost: 10
Minimum Skill Needed: 25
The Samurai is emboldened as he or she blocks an opponent's strikes, gaining hit points and stamina each time, while the Samurai's hit point regeneration rate is greatly increased for short amount of time. The Confidence defensive stance lasts for a duration of several seconds.

Mana Cost: 10
Minimum Skill Needed: 60 (Also requires minimum 50 skill with the weapon being wielded.)
For a short duration after activating this ability, the Samurai can attempt to parry any attack (including attacks like dragon breath and lightning bolts). The chance to parry is increased by between 16-40% of the Samurai's normal chance to parry an attack, with a 10% bonus for Bushido above 100 AND both Tactics and Anatomy that are 100 or better.

The duration is 3-6 seconds, with a 2 second bonus for Bushido above 100 AND both Tactics and Anatomy that are 100 or better. Evasion can only be used once every 20 seconds.

Counter Attack
Mana Cost: 5
Minimum Skill Needed: 40
The Samurai is able to return damage used against them with the next successful block. Damage returned is based on the Samurai's weapon damage, as well as their skill in Parrying and Bushido.

The Counter Attack defensive stance lasts for a duration of several seconds.

Only one of the three special parrying moves may be used at a time. Using a new ability while one is already active will immediately cancel the old ability.

Lightning Strike
Mana Cost: 5
Minimum Skill Needed: 50
The Samurai attacks with great speed and ferocity, granting a significant bonus to hit (50 HCI.) Highly skilled Samurai have a small chance to land a critical strike when using Lightning Strike. (Between 0-20%, depending on skill.)

Momentum Strike
Mana Cost: 10
Minimum Skill Needed: 70
Samurai automatically attacks another opponent with an impressive damage bonus (equal to Bushido skill) if the attack against their primary opponent succeeds. Bonus should be even greater if the attack kills the primary enemy.

Weapon Parry
Samurai are more adept at parrying with a weapon than a shield - especially the two-handed variety. This happens automatically as their Bushido skill increases along with Parry. (Note: The human Jack of All Trades bonus to Bushido does NOT affect parry chance at all.)

Whirlwind attacks gain a damage bonus from the Bushido skill, increasing as it affects more enemies. The damage bonus is applied to all enemies that are hit by the Whirlwind attack, including the primary target.

A Samurai who has 50.0 or more Bushido skill can gain Perfection in Honorable combat. Perfection affects the damage you will do during battle.

To be eligible for Perfection, you must first honor your opponent by using the virtue gump and choosing Honor, or by defining a macro, and target your opponent. Once you have honored your target, each subsequent hit or miss will affect how Perfection is accumulated. Successful hits will increase your Perfection while misses will decrease it.

The higher your Bushido skill, the more Perfection you will gain with each hit, but each miss will always decrease your perfection score the same amount. As your Perfection increases, you will notice your hits do more damage. When Perfection is achieved, your hits will do 100% more damage for the duration of the fight.

When engaged in honorable combat and building Perfection, you can expect to see any of these messages:

"You gain in Perfection as you precisely strike your opponent."
Your normal weapon attack hits and your perfection increases.

"You have achieved Perfection in inflicting damage to this opponent!"
Your normal weapon attack hits, your Perfection increases and reaches its maximum value.

"You have lost some Perfection in fighting this opponent."
Your normal weapon attack misses and your Perfection is decreased.

"You have lost all Perfection in fighting this opponent."
Your normal weapon attack didn't hit and as a result, you have lost any Perfection accumulated.

If you have achieved Perfection at the time of your opponent's death, a portion of your Hit Points, Stamina, and Mana will be restored. Your Luck level, for the purposes of calculating that opponent's loot, will also increase based on your Perfection level at the time of your opponent's death (The actual amount of luck is the perfection score squared, divided by ten - so, if you have achieved max perfection, you'll get a bonus of 1000 luck for that creature.)

Note: Perfection does not apply to Player vs. Player combat.

Lesser Hiryus

Players of the Bushido skill will be able to bond with lesser hiryus. 

Bushido and the Fast Cast Property
The Fast Cast property is capped at 4 for the use of Bushido skills.

Additional Information
Professional Title: Samurai
Skill Used by: Using Bushido skills
Trainers: Samurai
Primary Stat: Strength
Secondary Stat: Intelligence
Handy Additional Skills for Samurai:
Parrying - A high Parrying skill increases the Samurai's ability to survive, as well as increasing the damage he can do when Counter Attacking

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