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"We've been traveling in circles for hours now. Where are we?"
"Check the map."
"We have a map?"

Whether creating maps of the locations you've visited or decoding treasure maps in search of fame, fortune and loot, the Cartography skill can come in quite handy as you venture throughout Britannia.
The Tools
Mapmaker's Pen - Used in conjunction with blank maps to create maps of various locations.
Sold By: Mapmakers
Crafted? Yes, by using the Tinkering skill.

Blank maps may be used to create maps of cities, dungeons or other locations.
Sold By: Mapmakers
Crafted? No.

Use a sextant to find your way to buried treasure locations.
Sold by: Tinker
Crafted? Yes, using the Tinkering skill.
Using Cartography
To use the Cartography skill to create maps:
  • Stand in the location you wish to map.
  • Double-click your cartography tool (mapmaker's pen)
  • Choose "Maps" from the left-hand side of the craft menu.
  • Choose the type of map you would like to create from the right-hand side of the menu.
You create a map that varies in range and quality, depending on your skill. Your location when creating the map is always the center of the map.

Note: You will not be able to craft any items if your backpack already contains the limit of 125 items.
Craftable Items
Below is a list of the items a cartographer can create, the materials required, and the minimum skill level needed.

(Note: Some items may require the Samurai Empire and/or the Mondain's Legacy expansion packs.)

Resources Needed
Req. Skill
Local Map
1 blank map or scroll
City Map
1 blank map or scroll
Sea Chart
1 blank map or scroll
World Map
1 blank map or scroll
Tattered Wall Map (south or east)
See below

* The Tattered Wall Map requires a selection of completed treasure maps. The maps must have been both decoded and completed by the cartographer. The types of maps needed are as follows:
  • Level 1 Treasure Map: 10
  • Level 3 Treasure Map: 5
  • Level 4 Treasure Map: 3
  • Level 5 Treasure Map: 1
To use the Cartography skill to decode treasure maps:
  • Double-click a coded treasure map in your inventory.
If your skill is high enough, you decode the map and learn directions to buried treasure. Once you have decoded a map, only you can dig up the treasure using the Mining skill. You cannot locate treasure with a map decoded by another player.

Hint: Cartography can be a handy skill for boat owners. Plot your course using a "sea chart" map, and then give the map to the boat's tillerman. Say "Start" and your tillerman steers the boat on the course you have plotted.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Cartographer
Skill Used by: Skill list (to create maps), item use (to decode maps)
Trainers: Mapmaker
Primary Stat: Intelligence
Secondary Stat: Dexterity
Handy Additional Skills for Cartographers:
Lockpicking - Open up the buried chests your maps lead you to.
Remove Trap - It's unlikely that those who go to all the trouble of burying treasure will forget to leave a few surprises behind...
Mining - Mining skill is required for digging up those buried treasure chests.

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