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"This pizza tastes wonderful! What's on it?"

A masterful cook uses the resources of Britannia to create food and drink for special occasions, or perhaps just to lighten up an evening meal.
The Tools
Heat sources can be found throughout Britannia. From a lit campfire to a flaming forge or a heating stand, heat is required for most recipes.
Using Cooking
To attempt to cook an item using the Cooking skill:
* Double-click your cooking tool (skillet, sifter, or rolling pin).
* Choose the category from the left-hand side of the crafting menu.
* Choose the item you wish to cook from the list on the right-hand side of the menu.

If successful, you create a new food item.
Classic Britannian Recipes
Additional recipes may be available with certain expansion packs, and from time to time recipes for seasonal treats may be available to holiday-spirited chefs.
Combine With Create
Wheat Mill Sack of flour
Water Flour Dough
Honey Dough Sweet dough
Flour Sweet dough Cake mix
Sweet dough Honey Cookie mix
Combine With Create
Dough Egg Uncooked quiche
Dough Raw meat Unbaked meat pie
Dough Sausage Uncooked sausage pizza
Dough Cheese Uncooked cheese pizza
Dough Pear Unbaked fruit pie
Dough Peaches Unbaked peach cobbler
Dough Apple Unbaked apple pie
Dough Pumpkin Unbaked pumpkin pie
Combine With Create
Heat Source Dough Bread loaf
Heat Source Cookie mix Pan of cookies
Heat Source Cake mix Cake
Heat Source Sweet dough Muffins
Heat Source Uncooked quiche Baked quiche
Heat Source Unbaked meat pie Baked meat pie
Heat Source Uncooked sausage pizza Sausage pizza
Heat Source Uncooked cheese pizza Cheese pizza
Heat Source Unbaked fruit pie Baked fruit pie
Heat Source Unbaked peach cobbler Baked peach cobbler
Heat Source Unbaked apple pie Baked apple pie
Heat Source Unbaked pumpkin pie Baked pumpkin pie
Combine With Create
Raw Bird Heat Source Cooked Bird
Raw Chicken Leg Heat Source Chicken Leg
Raw fish steak Heat source Fish steak
Eggs Heat Source Fried Eggs
Raw Leg of Lamb Heat Source Leg of Lamb
Raw ribs Heat source Cut of ribs
Food and You

Hunger: Your hunger level determines your ability to eat certain food. If you are too full, you will not be able to eat additional food until you become more hungry. Hunger is increased by losing and then naturally regenerating hit points. Hunger iself has no effect on any other in-game calculation.

Ordinary Food: Ordinary food, whether looted, purchased, or cooked, will give you a small amount of stamina when eaten. (Feeding your pets will also raise their stamina.)

Special Foods: Experienced chefs may be able to create "enchanted" foods that have various potent effects. Some other foods may have unusual effects, such as alcoholic beverages. Also, remember what your mother told you - don't eat too many sweets, or you'll ruin your teeth!

Staining: Players can create a color fixative for use in staining armor, weapons, flothing, bags, spellbooks, statuettes, artifacts, books, and Jewelry. 

Additional Information
Professional Title: Chef
Skill Used by: Item use
Trainers: Baker, Cook, Herbalist, Vegetable Seller
Primary Stat: Intelligence
Secondary Stat: Dexterity
Handy Additional Skills for Chefs:
Taste ID - Sample your wares before serving, lest a wandering assassin slip in some poison.
Poisoning - Serve up poisoned pizza to your enemies!

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