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"I need some advice on my fencing."
"Oh! You'll need about 100 feet of wood to build one around the house."
"Um, not that kind of fencing."

The art of fencing requires a dexterous hand, a quick wit and fleet feet.
Using Fencing
Your Fencing skill is checked automatically each time you enter combat equipped with a fencing weapon (the weapon skill required is listed on the tooltip of each item.) A high skill in Fencing improves the chance that your strike will land upon an opponent.
To use your Fencing skill:
  • Enter War mode with a fencing weapon in your hands.
  • Double-click on an opponent.
Special Moves
Each weapon type in the game has a primary and a secondary special move, including the weapons associated with the Fencing skill. These special moves will allow to you inflict extra damage on your enemies, or even paralyze them with a single blow.

You can find complete information on Combat Special Moves by clicking here.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Fencer
Skill Used by: Automatic when in combat
Trainers: Fighter, Gambler, Gypsy, Mercenary, Paladin, Ranger Guildmaster, Thief, Thief Guildmaster, Warrior, Warrior Guildmaster, Weapons Trainer, Weaponsmith, Blacksmith
Primary Stat: Dexterity
Secondary Stat: Strength
Secondary Skill (may raise while in combat): Tactics, Anatomy
Handy Additional Skills for Fencers:
Tactics - An effective fighter throughly studies the arts of war.

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