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"I almost caught a fish this big! But it, um, got away."

Vast oceans surround Britannia on all sides, and for centuries men and women have earned their keep fishing the coastal waters. In addition to an endless supply of fish, those skilled in fishing have been known to pull forth treasure, and danger, from the deep.
The Tools
A simple pole and a length of string are the key to unlocking the mysteries beneath the water's surface.
Sold by: Fisher
Crafted? Yes, using the Carpentry and Tailoring skills.

While a healthy amount of fish swim near the coastlines of Britannia, the fisherman who seeks greater treasure must venture to the further regions of the ocean.
Sold by: Shipwright, Provisioner
Crafted? No.
Using Fishing
To use your Fishing skill to fish for food or treasure:
  • Equip a fishing pole.
  • Stand near a body of water.
  • Double-click the fishing pole.
  • Target the location in the water where you wish to fish.
  • If successful, you may catch a fish or other item, including treasure maps and SOS messages.
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Fisherman
    Skill Used by: Item usage
    Trainers: Fisherman, Fisher Guildmaster, Harbor Master
    Primary Stat: Dexterity
    Secondary Stat: Strength
    Handy Additional Skills for Fishermen:
    Cooking - What's a person to do with hundreds of fish steaks? Cook 'em up!
    Cartography - Make maps of your favorite fishing holes, and provide your ship's tillerman precise directions.

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