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A glassblower works with sand and heat to create items that are not only functional, but artistic as well. This skill can only be learned by Grandmaster Alchemists.

Unlike most skills, Glassblowing can be considered an offshoot of Alchemy. It does not require extra skill points, aside from those you put into your Alchemy skill.

If you are a Grandmaster Alchemist, and you wish to learn the art of Glassblowing, you must acquire a book entitled "Crafting Glass with Glassblowing". You can purchase this book from Gargoyle shopkeepers in the Ilshenar facet for around 10,000 gold.

Double-click the book to read it. Once you have read the book, it will be destroyed; however, the knowledge of glassblowing will remain with your character.
The Tools
Blow Pipe - Used in conjuntion with sand to create glass objects. Blow pipes can wear out from continued use.
Sold by: Gargoyle Shopkeepers (Ilshenar)
Crafted? No

Sand - Sand can be mined from any beach.
Sold by: Not sold
Crafted? No.

Note: In order to mine sand, you must be a GM miner and you must have read the related skill book on mining sand that you can purchase from Gargoyle shopkeepers in Ilshenar.

To mine for sand:
  • Place a shovel or pickaxe in your inventory.
  • Double-click the shovel or pickaxe.
  • Target the beach.
If you are successful and have space available in your inventory, a pile of sand will appear in your inventory.
Using Glassblowing
Once you have a blow pipe and some sand, you're reading to start creating items. To begin, double-click on the blow pipe. If you have some sand in your inventory a menu of craftable items will be displayed.

Resources Needed
Required Alchemy Skill
Empty bottles
1 sand
Flask (small)
2 sand
Medium flask
3 sand
Curved flask
2 sand
Flask (large #1)
4 sand
Flask (large #2)
5 sand
Bubbling blue flask
5 sand
Bubbling purple flask
5 sand
Bubbling red flask
7 sand
Empty vials
8 sand
Full vials
9 sand
Spinning hourglass
10 sand

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