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"What is that sticking out of the wyvern's maw?"
"My arm."

Let's face it. At some point it's going to happen, no matter how amazing your warrior prowess, no matter how closely you follow behind the guards. Somewhere, someday, you're going to get hurt in Britannia. With a bit of skill in the healing arts, your wound need not take you out of combat for long.
The Tools
A wise healer keeps bandages on hand at all times. In fact, you can often tell a healer is nearby by listening for the telltale *snip snip snip* sound of cloth being cut into bandages.
Sold by: Healer, Veterinarian (also, cloth can be purchased from tailors and cut into bandages using scissors)
Crafted? Yes, in a way. Any clothing items can be cut into cloth, and cloth can be cut into bandages.
Using Healing
Healing Players
To use the Healing skill to heal yourself or another player:
  • Double-click on a bandage
  • Target the person you wish to heal
  • If successful, the person regains Health and the bandage is used up. If you are healing another player, you must be near that player during your efforts. If you move away while healing, your efforts will be in vain.

    When healing yourself or another, try to avoid disturbances (such as combat). Disturbances may cause your fingers to slip and reduce the effectiveness of your healing. As your Healing skill increases, the amount of damage you heal increases. Additionally, skilled healers may both cure poison and resurrect dead players. Curing poison requires a minimum of 60 skill in both Healing and Anatomy. This may be higher, depending on the strength of the poison.

    Resurrecting the dead requires a minimum of 80 skill in both Healing and Anatomy.

    Note: To heal a poisoned player, you must cure the poison first, using a spell, potion or bandages, before you may heal any damage the player has taken.

    Healing yourself requires approximately 15 seconds. Healing another player requires approximately 5 seconds. Curing yourself of poison requires approximately 18 seconds. Curing others of poison requires approximately 6 seconds. Resurrecting other players requires approximately 10 seconds.
    Healing Animals and Monsters
    Certain animals and monsters may be healed using the Healing skill. (Other monsters and animals may be healed using the Veterinary skill.) To heal a creature using the Healing skill:
  • Double-click on a bandage.
  • Target the creature you wish to heal.
  • If successful, you heal the creature of damage dependent on your Healing skill.

    Hint: Healing a monster won't win you its affection. If you heal a creature that isn't tamed, it may still attack you!

    Animals and monsters that may be healed using the Healing skill include: Trolls, Cyclopes, Ophidians, Ogres, Ettins, Orcs, Harpies, Headlesses, Lizardmen, Ratmen, and human NPCs. Be warned! Healing these creatures may make you "gray" - see Healing and Reputation below.
    Healing and Reputation
    When healing other players, or healing creatures, it may be in your best interests to make note of their Reputation. Healing "criminal" players ("grays" or "reds") results in your being flagged as a criminal. This can be dangerous on the Felucca facet, where you may be freely attacked if flagged as a criminal. Additionally, healing hostile monsters flags you as a criminal on the Felucca facet.
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Healer
    Skill Used by: Item use (bandages)
    Trainers: Healer, Healer Guildmaster, Monk, Wandering Healer
    Primary Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Dexterity
    Secondary Skill (may raise while using healing): Anatomy
    Handy Additional Skills for Healers:
    Anatomy - Use the Anatomy skill to learn more about your patients.
    Alchemy - A skilled healer always keeps a few potions on hand - just in case.

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