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The lone shepherd walked the road towards Moonglow, stopping occasionally to lean upon her crook and survey the herd of sheep traveling alongside her path. She reached out with her crook to gently nudge a wayward ewe back toward the pack, nodded quietly, and continued on her way.
The Tools
A shepherd's crook is necessary for herding animals.
Sold by: Weaponsmith
Crafted? Yes, using the Carpentry skill.
Using Herding
To use your Herding skill to herd animals:
  • Place a shepherd's crook in your hand.
  • Double-click the crook.
  • Target the animal you wish to herd.
  • Target the location you wish the animal to move toward.
  • If successful, the animal moves in the direction you intend.
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Shepherd
    Skill Used by: Item use
    Trainers: Rancher, Ranger Guildmaster, Shepherd
    Primary Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Dexterity
    Handy Additional Skills for Shepherds:
    Animal Lore - Keep watch over the health and happiness of your herd.
    Veterinary - Tend to the scrapes and scratches of your herd.

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