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"If I close my eyes, they can't see me. Right?"

Danger may lurk behind every tree, deep in darkened dungeons, or simply in the intentions of the rogue walking behind you. With sufficient skill in Hiding, you can disappear into the shadows whenever necessary.
Using Hiding
To use the Hiding skill to become invisible to others:
  • Click the blue gem next to the skill on your skill list.
  • If successful, you become invisible to other players and monsters.

    Hidden doesn't mean undetectable! You may be revealed by others using the Detecting Hidden skill, or by casting the Reveal spell, and you may be tracked using the Tracking skill. You may also reveal yourself through your actions, such as moving, speaking, casting spells, looting bodies or attacking monsters or others. You may loot your own body and remain hidden.

    Hidden doesn't necessarily mean safe. In addition to being revealed by others, while hidden you may also take damage from area-effect spells or purple potions.
    Hint: Hiding requires your full concentration, so it may be impossible to hide while being attacked. It can be more effective to run away from your target, exit War mode, and then attempt to hide.

    Thieves have a chance to snoop and remain hidden. This is based on a check against their Hiding skill. At zero Hiding skill, a player is revealed when failing Snooping 100% of the time. At 100 Hiding, a player is revealed 50% of the time when failing Snooping.
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Rogue
    Skill Used by: Skill list
    Trainers: Gypsy, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster, Thief, Thief Guildmaster
    Primary Stat: Dexterity
    Secondary Stat: Intelligence
    Handy Additional Skills for Rogues:
    Stealth - Once hidden, you can use the Stealth skill to move short distances without being revealed.
    Snooping - Rogues have a change to Snoop while hidden, if they have an extremely high Hiding skill.

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