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Item Identification
It's amazing what people will cast away - the ground around the banks of Sosaria is positively littered with valuable items. Item Identification will help you decide what to pick up and what to leave for the rats.
Using Item Identification
To use your Item Identification skill to assess an item:
  • Click the blue gem next to the skill on your skill list, then target the item.
  • If successful, you are given an estimate of the item's value (to an NPC shopkeeper.)
    Note: Beware! NPC shopkeepers are not the most savvy of businessmen, and may well offer the same money for a common half-apron as for the legendary artifact the Crimson Cincture.
    Additional Information
    Skill Used by: Skill list (assessing items)
    Trainers: Gambler, Gypsy, Jeweler, Merchant Guildmaster, Miner Guildmaster
    Primary Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Dexterity
    Handy Additional Skill for Merchants:
    Begging - Supplement your scavenging with a bit of panhandling.

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