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Sometimes the only thing that stands between an adventurer and fabulous wealth is a simple lock. When confronted with a locked chest, the Lockpicking skill is one you are sure to need.
The Tools
The lockpick is an essential tool for the discriminating thief.
Sold by: Provisioner, Tinker, Thief
Crafted? Yes, using Tinkering skill
Using Lockpicking
In order to attempt to pick a lock, you must have a set of lockpicks in your pack. To pick a lock:
  • Double-click on your lockpicks.
  • Target the item to be picked.
  • Some locks are harder to pick than others (and some, such as house doors, are impossible to pick). Your skill level will determine your success rate. If you are successful, the lock will be picked, and you can open the item.

    This skill is especially useful in hunting treasure using treasure maps. The treasure chests that are found will be locked and often trapped. If a chest is trapped as well as locked, you must remove the trap before you may pick the lock. Use of this skill along with Detecting Hidden (to find any traps) will prove useful.
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Rogue
    Skill Used by: Use item (lockpicks)
    Trainers: Gypsy, Thief, Thief Guildmaster, Tinker, Tinker Guildmaster
    Primary Stat: Dexterity
    Secondary Stat: Intelligence
    Handy Additional Skills for Rogues:
    Detecting Hidden - Use the skill from the skill list, and target the area (or item) you wish to search.
    Stealing - Select the skill from the skill list, and target the item you wish to steal.
    Item Identification - Select the skill from the skill list, then target the item you wish to identify.
    Remove Trap - Select the skill from the skill list, then target the trap you wish to disarm.

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