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Mace Fighting
It requires strength of will and body to fight with the sheer power necessary for skill with blunt, mace weapons.
Using Mace Fighting
Your Mace Fighting skill is checked automatically each time you enter combat equipped with a mace, hammer or other blunt weapon. A high skill in Mace Fighting increases the chance that your attack will connect with your opponent.
To use your Mace Fighting skill, simply enter War mode with a mace-type weapon in your hand and double-click an opponent.
A wide variety of weapons use the Mace Fighting skill - you can see which skill a weapon uses by moving your mouse over it and reading the tooltip.
Special Attacks
Maces tend to dent and break armor more quickly than any other weapon type during combat. Also, each weapon has two special moves that a skilled Armsman may perform - see Special Moves for details.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Armsman
Skill Used by: Automatic when in combat
Trainers: Blacksmith, Blacksmith Guildmaster, Fighter, Jailor, Mage Guildmaster, Mercenary, Monk, Paladin, Shipwright, Warrior, Warrior Guildmaster, Weapons Trainer, Weaponsmith
Primary Stat: Strength
Secondary Stat: Dexterity
Secondary Skills (may improve while in combat): Tactics, Anatomy
Handy Additional Skills for Armsmen:
Arms Lore - A wise armsman keeps a close eye on the state of his weapons.

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