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Creating functional and decorative objects from stone requires knowledge of the masonry skill. With this knowledge, a person is able to craft items such as statues and stone furniture. This skill can only be learned by Grandmaster Carpenters.

Unlike most skills, Masonry can be considered an offshoot of Carpentry. It does not require extra skill points, aside from those you put into your Carpentry skill.

If you are a Grandmaster Carpenter, and you wish to learn the art of Masonry, you must acquire a book entitled "Making Valuables With Stonecrafting". You can purchase this book from Gargoyle shopkeepers in the Ilshenar facet for around 10,000 gold.

Double-click the book to read it. Once you have read the book, it will be destroyed; however, the knowledge of masonry will remain with your character.
The Tools
Mallet and Chisels - Used in conjuntion with stone to create stone objects. Mallet and chisels can wear out from continued use.
Sold by: Gargoyle Shopkeepers (Ilshenar)
Crafted? No

Stone - Stone can be mined from mountains
Sold by: Not sold
Crafted? No.

Note: In order to mine stone, you must be a GM miner and you must have read the related skill book on mining stone that you can purchase from Gargoyle shopkeepers in Ilshenar.

To mine for stone:
  • Place a shovel or pickaxe in your inventory.
  • Double-click the shovel or pickaxe.
  • Target a mountain.
  • You will have a 10% chance of mining up stone. If you are successful, the stone will be placed in your backpack.
    Using Masonry
    Once you have a mallet and chisels and some stone, you're reading to start creating items. To begin, double-click on the mallet and chisels. If you have some stone in your inventory a menu of craftable items will be displayed.

    Resources Needed
    Required Carpentry Skill
    1 stone
    Large Vase
    3 stones
    Stone Chair
    4 stones
    Medium Stone Table
    6 stones
    Large Stone Table
    9 stones
    Small Statue (facing south)
    3 stones
    Small Statue (facing north)
    3 stones
    Small Statue (facing east)
    3 stones
    Pegasus Status
    4 stones

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