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- Ancient meditative mantra

Mana, the powerful substance used in casting spells from scrolls or spellbooks, as well as in the practice of inscription, is as rich as gold to any who use its power on a daily basis. The Meditation skill allows spellcasters and others to increase the rate at which they regenerate Mana.
Using Meditation
There are two methods by which you may use the Meditation skill, Active and Passive. Active meditation greatly increases the rate at which meditation regenerates your Mana. To use Active meditation:
  • Clear your hands of any items.
  • Click the blue gem next to the skill on your skill list.
  • If successful, you hear a sound and a message appears stating, "You enter a meditative trance." If unsuccessful, you receive a message from the following list:

    Message Consequence
    "You cannot focus your concentration." You have failed your skill check, or other actions are interfering with your meditation.
    "Regenerative forces cannot penetrate your armor." Your armor is interfering with your meditation.
    "You are at peace." Your Mana is already at maximum level.
    "Your hands must be free to cast spells or meditate." You must remove any items in your hands before using Active meditation.

    Note: When using Active meditation, you must be at peace and restful. Actions such as speaking, moving, casting spells, looting corpses or using certain skills may break your meditative trance.

    Passive meditation is automatically activated whenever your Mana is lower than maximum and is simply a reflection of your Meditation skill. The higher your skill, the faster your Mana regenerates as you go about your normal actions. Metal interferes with the regenerative properties of meditation. It is wise to wear leather or cloth protection when meditating.
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Stoic
    Skill Used by: Skill list (Active meditation), automatic (Passive meditation)
    Trainers: City Mage, Mage Guildmaster, Mage Shopkeeper, Magincia Councilmember, Monk, Ocllo Cashual, Wandering Mage
    Primary Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Strength
    Handy Additional Skills for Stoics:
    Magery - You won't need to restore Mana unless you expend it. Casting spells requires Mana.
    Inscription - A certain amount of Mana is required for inscribing spells onto scrolls.

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