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"A wise warrior fights with both weapon and intellect."
"An even wiser warrior fights with a shield as well."

While some prefer to fight with two-handed weapons or even bare hands, a knowledge of the Parrying skill can provide added protection when wearing a shield in combat.
Using Parrying
Your Parrying skill is checked automatically each time you engage in combat while holding a shield in your off hand. A successful parry may cause your attacker to miss his attack, or do less damage than normal.
Note: Parrying is an especially effective skill against archers and their flying arrows and bolts.

Parrying requires a certain amount of coordination - warriors with a Dexterity of less than 80 will suffer a penalty to their Parrying chance.
Additional Information
Professional Title: Warrior
Skill Used by: Automatic
Trainers: Blacksmith, Blacksmith Guildmaster, Fighter, Jailor, Mercenary, Noble, Paladin, Warrior, Warrior Guildmaster, Weapons Trainer
Primary Stat: Dexterity
Secondary Stat: Strength

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