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Peacemaking is a talent of kings and successful politicians. The Peacemaking skill allows you to attempt, with a bit of luck and a talent for musicianship, to soothe warring creatures and others in your vicinity.
The Tools

Musical instruments of all shapes and sizes can be found throughout Britannia. They are required to use the bardic skills of Discordance, Peacemaking, and Provocation.
Sold By: Tinker, Carpenter, Bard
Crafted? Yes, using the Carpentry and Musicianship skills.

Standard Mode:

To use the Peacemaking skill to attempt to stop all fights in your immediate area:

  • Click the blue gem next to the skill in your skill list.
  • Target yourself.
  • If successful, you temporarily halt combat in your area. Be aware, it requires both a soothing voice and a talent for music to compose melodies to bring fighters to a halt. If your musical talent is not up to par, your audience pays little heed and continues fighting.

    Targeted Mode:

    To use the Peacemaking skill to attempt to stop a specific creature from fighting:

  • Click the blue gem next to the skill in your skill list.
  • Target the creature.
  • If successful, the targeted creature will stop fighting. Thereafter, until the effect is ended per standard rules, whenever the affected creature is attacked for whatever reason tries to start fighting, there is a chance (based on bard skill and creature difficulty) that the creature will instead return to a peaceful state. Over time, the Peacemaking effect weakens, so eventually the creature will break the effect no matter how skilled the bard and how weak the creature.

    While this ability does not guarantee lack of retaliation from a monster, it does make it a much easier opponent to handle.

    Note: Peacemake will not work on characters (PC or NPC).

    Also: If you have previously used a musical instrument, and that instrument is still in your backpack, you automatically use that instrument to make peace. If you wish to change instruments, simply double-click on the instrument you wish to use. The next time you use a Barding skill, the new instrument will be played.

    Range: The base range of all bard abilities is 8 tiles, with each 15 points of skill in the ability being used increasing this range by one tile. Bards must be within this range of the target to use the ability. Furthermore, the bard must remain within this range or the ability's effect ends.

    Continuation: Once Peacemaking has been used on a target, the bard must remain alive, visible, and within range of the target or the effect ends. Regarding creatures with "Dragon AI" (such as daemons, drakes, hellhounds, nightmares, and, of course, dragons): if at any point the bard moves while using any barding song, that may compel the creature to retarget on the moving character.

    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Bard
    Skill Used by: Skill list
    Trainers: Bard, Bard Guildmaster, Mayor
    Primary Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Dexterity
    Handy Additional Skills for Bards:

    Discordance - Use your musical instrument to weaken creatures.
    Peacemaking - Use your musical instrument to soothe savage beasts.
    Provocation - Use your musical instrument to provoke monsters to attack the target of your choice.

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