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"A wise poison master never licks his fingers."

Subtler than an impaling sword, poisoned food and drink has long been a method of choice for the discerning assassin. For those with a flair for the dramatic, poison can be applied to the blade of a weapon to swiftly bring an enemy to defeat in battle.
The Tools
Poison potions are necessary for poisoning weapons, food or drink. They are available in several strengths ranging from fairly weak to deadly.
Sold by: Alchemist
Crafted? Yes, using the Alchemy skill.
Using Poisoning
To use the Poison skill to poison a bladed weapon, food, or drink:
  • Click the blue gem next to the poisoning skill on your skill list
  • Target the poison you wish to use.
  • Once prompted, target the item you wish to poison. (It must be in your backpack or on the ground.)
  • If successful, you poison the item and lose a bit of Karma.
    Hint: If you wish to poison an item, don't double-click the potion. Unless you have a healer nearby. Or a Cure Poison potion. Or a death wish.

    Only weapon types those that have Infectious Strike as an available special move will be able to be poisoned. The weapon will only poison its victim if Infectious Strike is used. See the Special Moves page for more details.
    Removing Poison From A Weapon
    Poisoned weapons may be wiped clean with an oil cloth (crafted using the Tailoring skill).
    Additional Information
    Professional Title: Assassin
    Skill Used by: Skill list
    Trainers: Thief Guildmaster
    Primary Stat: Intelligence
    Secondary Stat: Dexterity
    Secondary Skill (may improve while using Poisoning): Anatomy
    Handy Additional Skills for Assassins:
    Alchemy - A talented poisoner always keeps reagents at hand to whip up a bit of poison.

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